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What should you do on a two-day visit to New York City?

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go up the empire states building, go on a huge shopping spree, laugh at fat people eating corn dogs, and gaze at fit surfers showing off their abs lol

2008-10-05 09:43:56
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Which city do paws and his friends visit in The search for santa paws?

They visit New York City (Also know as New York New York)

How many prom dress stores are there in New York city?

there is to much like 1 billion in the stores of ALBANY,NEW YORK you should visit

How do you feel about New York City?

Great place to visit.

Did Maria Aragon visit New York City?

yes she did.

Which city do Paws and friends visit in The Search For Santa Paws?

new york city

Is New York a dangerous city to visit?

No, New York City is currently the safest major U.S. city, and has been for several years now.

When did Pope John Paul visit New York?

He made a pastoral visit to New York City on October 2 and 3 of 1979.

Who was john mock as to president lincolns body guards during president lincolns visit to new york city?

Who where the body guards for president lincoln during his visit to new york city?

Who lives in New York City and visit New York City?

i do, i live in Staten Island, a borough in NYC and visit Manhattan all the time. Manhattan is the place with times square, 5th ave, etc.

Where do math teachers like to visit in New York City?

Times Square :)

Can you visit New York city even though you have a criminal record?


Where do you visit the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty?

In New York City.

Why was Laura Francatelli on the Titanic?

because she wanted to go visit family in New York City, New York

Should you go to New York?

It is certainly worthy of at least a visit.

What are the release dates for Visit West Hollywood - 2008?

Visit West Hollywood - 2008 was released on: USA: 1 March 2008 (New York City, New York)

What cities can a music department from a school visit for a music trip besides New York?

another city for a music department to visit other than New York would be Nashville.

How many miles from new york city to bogota?

Distance between these two is 2494 miles. New york city is a nice place to visit. It is said to be the most developed city around the world.

How did New York population get so big?

Because New York is a huge city and it can fit many people into the city. That and there is quite alot of adverts to visit it or even stay.....

When I travel to New York City, will the Hudson hotel NYC be near the Statue of Liberty?

When you travel to New York City, the Hudson Hotel will be near the Statue of Liberty. You can visit to find rates and availability for your trip to New York City.

Why do people visit New York?

People visit New York because of the largest park in the U.S., Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, The Empire State Building, and The Statue of Liberty.

Hotel Deals in New York?

Everybody wants to visit New York city, and everyone should do so at least once in their lives. The cultural activities alone that the city has to offer are enough to keep the average person busy for months. Hotel deals in New York can be found during any time of the years.

Who did Bob Dylan visit on his first trip to New York City in 1961?

Woody Guthrie

In new york city about 1600 people visit the emergency room for what?

for injuries from tripping on sidewalks

Is it ok to have no desire to visit New York City?

it is fine it probably means you are not the traveling type

When did the Duggars go to New York City?

The Duggars have been to New York City several times, but their most recent visit was in June 2011. They also visited Niagara Falls.