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Meet Me! I am looking for the perfect girlfried. I just read this question and I'm still not sure what the problem is.

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What is a prefect boyfriend?

A perfect boyfriend is one who is perfect for you.

What is a perfect boyfriend?

there is nothing like a perfect boyfriend...but you should look at the thing you want you boyfriend to do ....should he be caring loving romatic and if he is all that then your perfect boyfriend and maybe since cubid chooses your opposite choice the oppositte of all that may just be your perfect boyfriend thats why say there aint such thing as a perfect boyfrienda boy who likes you for you not for you looks. a boy who will make you feel absolutely amazing. a boy who will stick up for you. a boy that will make your day. a boy who will make you smile if you are sad. a boy who will make you a card when you feel sick a boy that will leave you alone for an entire day or two so that you can hang out with your other friends . a boy that will sing you a song no matter how many people are watching. a boy who will write you love notes. a boy who will help you if you need help. a boy that will know when you are feeling down.

What should you do when boyfriend hit you?

I will break up with him. For if he has such behavior once, there may be another. He is just your boyfriend right now not your husband, you have the choice.

Who should you pick your boyfriend or the guy you really like?

It depends if the boyfriend doesnt treat you right then my choice would be the boy you really like.

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to break up for your sake?

Tell him that you love him and that he does a lot for your relationship and that he is perfect.

Should you break up with your boyfriend because your friends hate him?

No you should still date him its not your friends choice who you date it's yours!

Should children have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

It's their choice. If they want to when they're ready then they want to. If they don't then they don't.

What should you do when you have a boyfriend and another guy has strong feelings for you?

Tell your boyfriend about the guy with feelings for you, and your boyfriend will handle it. But, if you also like the guy who is hitting on you, then tell him that you already have a boyfriend and that you should be just friends for the moment. There is always a nice way and a way that actually works, it is your choice which. Hope I helped!

Why doesn't shaylee want a boyfriend?

Because it was her choice to not want a boyfriend.

How do you get the perfect boyfriend for you?

That depends on your personality.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Perfect Boyfriend - 2010?

The cast of The Perfect Boyfriend - 2010 includes: Hannah Levien as Woman

Is it a bad idea to ask a guy out?

No if their is someone you like then you should go for it, I did and I am in a happy relationship with my boyfriend. No can judge you its your choice.

What is a perfect gift for a 11 year old boyfriend?

Well it was Christmas. So ask him what he didn't get for Christmas. Then you can descide what you want to get him. And if I comes from the heart your boyfriend should understand :D

How can you get a girl to break up with her boyfriend when she likes both of us?

She may like both of you, but the fact that she only calls one of you boyfriend should tell you where you stand with her. She has made her choice.

Should you stay with your bipolar boyfriend?

Answer If you chose to be with this person in the first place and now your friends may be questioning your choice of boyfriends, don't listen to them. He was your choice, not theirs. You must have had a good reason to go out with this person in the first place and call him your boyfriend. Why not stick with him if you love him for who he is.

What is the perfect gift for your boyfriend?

a new watch

Who is shilpa anand's boyfriend?

karan is perfect for her

Can an 11 year old have a boyfriend?

well i think that that's a perfect age to have a boyfriend

What are some good ways to the perfect girlfriend?

Be her perfect boyfriend (or girlfriend as the case may be).

How can you get your boyfriend to feel something in a kiss?

practising again & again . u should must know that practise make a man perfect

Should you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

This is a personal choice and depending on if you are having sexual feelings of some sort you will be able to determine which gender you are attracted to.

Should a boyfriend stay friends with his x?

That is a matter of his personal choice and it also depends on whether or not his X wants to remain friends.

How do you get rid of my moms boyfriend?

Wait until your mother and her boyfriend are in the room together and ask, 'Are you going to be my new dad?' This should put him in a hot and stressful situation, a perfect start to slowly driving him out.

Ok your friends all say you need to get a boyfriend you are in 6 grade but they dontt tell that to everyone so why should you get boyfriend?

Getting a boyfriend is always a personal choice. Don't feel pressured into getting one, wait for a suitable chap.

What if a girl with a boyfriend asks you out?

its ur choice do ya want her 2 cheat on her boyfriend or have a relationship with him