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Every night before you go to sleep tell her you love her and give her a soft kiss. If she is angry with you still do it as it makes her feel bad. Of course you don't want her to feel bad so don't over do it. On the weekends make her breakfast and in the evenings cook her dinner. Over dinner ask her how her day was and if she is feeling OK . Have a nice talk and she should regain trust. Just be a loving husband and show her that you love her.

I hope i helped :)

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Q: What should you do to regain the trust and love of your wife?
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How do you regain your wife's love and trust?

That would depend upon how you lost those things in the first place.

How do you regain trust after you cheated on your wife?

you dont. It depends on your wife. But whoever answered first was right. For most people, you'll never regain that trust, even if it seems like you did. Don't give up hope though. If you really love her, and if she really loves you, exceptions always happen for love.

What will make a married couple's sex life improve after the wife finds out husband was cheating?

Nothing, but time. Time brings forgiveness, love and mostly regain trust.

How do you trust your wife after she cheats on?

Trust is a thing once lost, cannot be regained again. You can try meeting, having coffee again and talking in order to regain the trust.

If a wife sins and the husband knows of it should he not correct her and ask forgiveness of GOD?

Correct her, no. Forgive her and help her acknowledge the sin. Then work to regain each other's trust.

How do you earn trust from your wife?

Two people should already trust each other before they get married, however, if you wish to earn the trust of your wife, always act in a trustworthy manner, and your wife should be able to observe that you deserve her trust.

Can a husband be in love with a wife?

Yes, they can be if both of them trust each other.

What do you call it when a husband asks for support from his wife?

trust love and affection

How do you say my love in Indian?

salabim salabim = i love u i love u Trust me my wife is Indian and im a love god

What should you do if your wife wrote somebody a love letter?

You should talk to your wife.

How do you regain your wife's respect?

depends what you did wrong

Why is it hard to trust your husband or wife even though you forgave his or her infidelity?

It's because you still think that they'll do the same thing again. It's okay to feel this way after his/her infidelity. Trust is tough to regain back.

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