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What should you do to start you own magazine?

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1.Take a lot of pictures of models or whatever suits your fancy.

2. Get on your computer and if you don't have one you might want to get one.

3. Open a photo-browser name it so that you will know what you want for your magazine.

4. Import all of your photographs and put them into your photo-browser.

5. Edit/Delete all of your unwanted photo's, I would suggest using photo-bucket or shutterfly if you want to do all of your editing online.

6. Put all of the photo's that you want to print out on a printable document, use photo printing paper for best results.


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When was STart Magazine created?

STart Magazine was created in 1986.

When did STart Magazine end?

STart Magazine ended in 1991.

In 1850 what magazine did Dickens start?

After becoming the editor for "The Daily News," Charles Dickens decided he was ready to branch out on his own. He started his own magazine, "Household Words." The magazine was published once a week, and had topics that were based on the poor and working classes. The target demographic were the middle class.

How do you start a letter to a magazine?

You start by saying " To who it may concern... " or " Dear (magazine name)... "

What is the magazine for one direction called?

They don't have their own magazine.

Did the beatles have their own magazine?

There is a beatles rolling stone magazine.

Should the Title of magazine underlined or quotes?

Magazine names should be in italics or underlined. Magazine articles should be in quotations.

Where can I find an auto maintenance job?

You should start you own business. If you have all the tools needed to replace brakes, you should just start your own business on the side and get your own clients.

What is Girls' Life Magazine about?

Girls Life is a magazine having a lot of topics such as advise, celebrities, fashion, makeup, and stories about real girls. If you are wondering if you should start subscribing to it, I say you should get it.

You own a working magazine but you don't have any money left what can you do?

To get your magazine back operational you should look for investors. Investors can help you by giving you the cash you need to survive.

Where can one find information on publishing your own book?

CNET, Entrepreneur Magazine and the Oprah Magazine all offer great information on self-publishing, each from its own unique perspective. Combining the information found on these sites is a good place to start.

Are magazine titles underlined or in quotes?

Magazine names should be in italics or underlined. Magazine articles should be in quotations.

When writing Country Roads Magazine should you capitalize the word magazine?

Yes. It is a name of a magazine then it should be capitalized.

You want to write for a magazine what should you do?

please give me answer what should i do for making magazine

How do you start a magazine in India?

In order to start a magazine in India, you first need to decide what type of magazine you want to print. After you have decided then you need to start the topics you want to discuss, along with contributed writers and photographers.

Does JLS have a mgazine out?

They do not have their own magazine.

How do you sell a magazine?

it depends... if its your own magazine that you have written you have to go to a proffessional publisher. Or if its a magazine that you have brought maybe you can try ebay?

How do you make your own magazine?

You can make your own magazines by working hard on

Does Oprah Winfrey have her own magazine?

ye sit is called OWN

How do you start a magazine?

Perhaps start by deciding what theme your magazine is going to be and what the target audience is. Work on some stories and a front cover

Which magazine does Hugh Hefner own?


What are all the moshi magazine codes?

The codes are different in each copy of the magazine, so you will need to purchase your own copy of the magazine to get the codes.

When did Kerrang magazine start?

June 1981.

What year did jet magazine start?


IN the magazine or ON the magazine should be used?

Depends. If you only glanced a something on the cover, then it's ON the magazine, but if you actually opened the magazine and read about it, it's IN the magazine. Make sense?