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You should say something like, "A date would be nice to decide that." She could be using you to get back at her boyfriend, so don't risk it. Don't be too eager to get involved with her. If she's split-up from her boyfriend then she's a free woman and she can date who she wants. It's wise not to date someone so soon after a split-up because they haven't gotten over the emotional upset of it and can end up doing stupid things and in your case, you would be the one paying the price. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do when a girl you like just broke up with her boyfriend for a week and then she asked you if you still like her and should you say yes?
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What if your boyfriend and you broke up yesterday because you found out he cheated on you and got a new girlfriend so should you tell his new gf that he asked her out while yall were still together?

only if you want to be really harsh on him and his girlfriend

If your boyfriend broke up with you should you still call him or let him call you?

Don't call him. You'll seem too needy.

Why your ex boyfriend mom still calling you?

Well, the boyfriend and you broke up not the mom and you.

What should you do if your boyfriend broke up with you because he kissed two girls to a party and don't want to hurt you again But he still loves you and has regret that he broke up with you?

Move on with your life

What does it mean if you broke up with your boyfriend for someone else and he asked about you the other day and wanted to talk to you when he found out you weren't with anyone?

It probably means that he is still interested in you and wants to talk to you about it.

If your boyfriend was a complete jerk to you and broke up with you for no reason is it ok for you to still love him and if so what should you do about it?

If your boyfriend broke up with you for no reason that might be because he met someone else or maybe he doesnt want to get in a relationship right now and i think that even if you still love him then MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE AND GET OVER IT!!!!!:)

What to do if you have broke up with your boyfriend and you miss him?

ANSWER-If you still miss your boyfriend you should give him another try. He probably deserved it too! :)

If your ex-boyfriend wrote you an email would you answer him and if so what would you write?

You answer whatever he asked. If he is your ex, then it doesn't matter, you can still be friends, unless you broke up for a really bad reason.

What should you so if you broke up with your boyfriend but didn't want to?

well it was your fault for breaking up with him, but if you recently broke up with him and he still likes you then I'm pretty sure you can get him back =] but next time you should think before you are about to do something rash like breaking up with your boyfriend when you don't really want to ;]

Broke up with boyfriend and keep dreaming of him?

it means you still want him

What should you do if you broke up with your boyfriend and you still like him but he has a girlfriend and has been flirting with me?

Tell him that e has a girl friend and that you already broke up. If you still like him, ask him why he's flirting with you. And why he's doing so while he has a girlfriend. See what goes on then!

You just broke up with your boyfriend and you still like him what should you do?

Go out and have some fun with some friends or something and try getting him off of your mind.

What should i do if she broke up with me but I still love her?

this happened to me. I broke up with my boyfriend, and i still love him and his friends tell me that he still loves me. u might be wondering why we don't go out again.....he acted different when we went out. he wouldn't talk to me as much and he always acted....awkward.. maybe that's what happened with you?

What if your boyfriend broke up with you how do you know if he still has feelings for you?

well look for signs does he still talk hope it works out

What should you do if you broke up with your boyfriend and he started dating your friend but you might still have feelings for him?

Since you broke up with your boyfriend it is highly likely that now that he is dating your best friend you are either jealous and it probably isn't love at all, but you just don't like to see him date your friend.

IS Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend still together?

her and Michael broke up. says a source.

My boyfriend thinks i am still young so he broke up with me so what should i do?

depending on how old you are usually it is an excuse if they really do like you they could get over the age difference

Should you listen to your brothers when they say your ugly and fat and that no one likes you but you have a lot of friends and just recently broke up with your boyfriend but he still loves you?

yes. Yes.

Your boyfriend broke up with you 3 days ago and his birthday is in two days should you give him a birthday card?

only, if you're still friends otherwise why does he deserve it?

How do you know if your boyfriend still cares?

If you already broke up... him just calling you to see how you are doing should actually say enough. Seriously, something that simple coming from A GUY should mean a lot to you...

Should I forgive a good friend if she hurt me by dating my boyfriend without letting me know for two months?

If you and your boyfriend are still dating and have not split up then this friend of yours is not a true friend to you and you should consider her a toxic friend and walk away from her. If you and your boyfriend broke up and she dated him and obviously didn't tell you it is probably because she didn't want to hurt you. In this case talk with her and tell her that she should have been honest with you, but you should still remain friends.

Does my ex-boyfriend still like me after I broke up with him?

Yes he's jealous of your new boyfriend who is one of his best friends ! -Love Yourself

Girlfriend still carry ex boyfriend picture in purse.?

of you broke up with him and you still like him then you obviously want to get back together. But if he broke up with you and you two are just friends then it is not that big of a deal.

You still love your x-boyfriend?

yes. he thinks i broke up with him, but I did not, and now he has a new girlfriend!

You broke up with your boyfriend because he still had feelings for his ex girlfriendwhat shoud you do?

Take him back