What should you do when cysts are found in the breast?

If you mean that you found a lump then you should see your doctor and have it evaluated.

If you mean that an ultrasound or mammogram has been done and you know that the lump is a cyst then you should follow the doctor's advice. Sometimes there are concerning features that require a biopsy right away and sometimes they have reassuring features that allow them to be safely ignored. Often it is somewhere in between and repeat the imaging after a few months to see if it changes in advised.

Often cysts, particularly multiple cysts in younger women can be from Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FBD). This a common breast condition that is characterized by benign lesions due fibroadenomatous cysts. These fibroadenomatous cysts are non-cancerous benign lesions/lumps that feel rubbery and move easily within the breast tissue, at least until the more advanced cases where the shear number of cysts prevent easy movement.