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Get a wiring diagram from MOTORLIT.COM and see what all is on that fuse and check it out.

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How do you replace battery in 2003 buick lesabre?

the battery in under the rear seat all you do is left on the front of the bottom part of the seat and BING BOUTA BOOM theres the battery, just undo the mount, and untightin the battery terminals and get ER DONE Not so FAST! This car requires a VENTED BATTERY. This vents the battery gases out the bottom of the vehicle. A conventional battery's out-gassing to the interior of the car would be extremely dangerous, and would eventually ruin the interior of the car.

Can you run a car without a battery?

Of course theres cars with batteries already.

How do you remove a key from the ignition of an 05 DTS?

if there's no juice to the system then its stuck. plug in the battery and it will release. if theres battery then im not sure.

Where is battery for 2001 BMW 325xi?

In the trunk, if you lift the carpet up to get to spare tire, theres two little taps on right hand side behind wheel well, pop tabs out and pull out the plastic, and youll find the battery. If your removing battery, becarefull cause theres a ventilation tube attached to it, just slides off battery easily.

Where is the battery located in the BMW 325xi?

on the E46 series In the trunk, if you lift the carpet up to get to spare tire, theres two little taps on right hand side behind wheel well, pop tabs out and pull out the plastic, and youll find the battery. If your removing battery, becarefull cause theres a ventilation tube attached to it, just slides off battery easily.

What happens if you dont see your tamagotchi and theres not a note?

Most likely the battery completely died or there is no battery. Also that happened to my v4 when water got into it. Its either broken, or needs a new battery.

1989 dodge auto fuel shut down relay location?

In the Caravan its behind the battery, theres afew black boxes, the relay should be the first black box you come to.

Where is the fuse box in a 52 plate celica vvti?

Theres fuses under the bonnet to the right of the battery, and theres some inside the car, would be next to the drivers left leg, on the right hand side of the center console, cover should unclick and come off. MoGG.

Where is the battery on a BMW 525 TD situated?

Under the beack seat. Lift both sides of the front edge of the rear seat and pull forward, theres your battery. Theres a hook up for jump starts under the bonnet too, passenger side (RHD)

What are hybrid cars run on?

hybrid cars runs on battery and gas. when you go really fast and use a hybrid car then you stop... you use a whole bunch of the battery... while you are waiting,, the battery charges and then VOULA... theres your charged battery.........sky...

How do you break down a car?

Put the wrong fuel in it , run the battery down , theres tons of ways !

How do you find the size of battery on your laptop?

Turn your laptop over, theres a slide catch on nearly all laptops, slide it over and take out your battery, you can have a guess then at what size it is.

Where to connect a code reader on 1987 Buick Lesabre?

Theres a small opening in what appears to be the airconditioning duct work middle of dash under ash tray you have to practically get on the floor on your back to see it.

Where is the battery 2006 transit?

If your van is like mine, try under the drivers seat. sometimes theres a compartment there.

Should the word theres have an apostrophe?

"Theres" isn't actually a word. "There's" is a word, and is a contraction of "There is". "Theres" must have an apostrophe to mean anything at all in the English language.

Why when you turn on the car nothing happens no lites radio horn nothing but the battery is fully charged?

how do you know the battery is charged? also it could be a loose battery wire. they need to be properly thighten so the energy could flow. if there are no lights theres no power coming from the battery.

What do you do to a lawn mower to use it first thing in spring?

Pusher type - just make sure it has gas and oil. Riders - the same plus air in the tires and the battery is charged. Unless some extreme cold-weather protection methods were used, like filling up the oil case with preservative fluid that needs to be drained - theres not much to do.

How do you change a battery in a 1998 dodge stratus?

Its in front of the driver side front tire. Take the tire off in the front of the wheel well theres a panel remove the panel to get to the battery.

How do you replace the battery?

I have a 93 SC2 DOHC. The battery is on the right side behind the fuse box. You need a metric set to undo the 3 screws. Theres one that attaches to the body, one to the bar that goes along the top, and theres one on the left side below the vacuum hose and air induction. After you've taken out those three, you should lift the whole thing out(battery and shroud) together. It's hard to take the shroud off before you lift the battery out. After that, you have to pry the shoud off the battery. The two terminals in the back make it hard. Then just go to any auto parts store and they'll give you a new one.

Will Ireland get a replay againt France?

well there should be...but if theres not thierry Henry will suffer the rest of his life..that is if theres no rematch

Where can you find a 2006 BMW 650i fuse box diagram?

theres a chart in the trunk under the mat ontop of the battery

How do you release trunk with dead battery?

Simple theres a keyhole in the xk8/xkr babge on the back of the car near the boot.

How to replace battery in a 2003 Hyundai tiburon?

You can change the battery by removing the plastic covers around it and then theres a small metal bracket located on the front side of the battery with one bolt holding it down. You'll need a long extension to reach it.

You have Honda civic car 96 model dx the battery has power but theres no power thu out the car everything is dead is there a fuse you need to replace?

There is no fuse between the headlights and the battery. If the headlights are dead, then your problem comes down to: battery (may have some voltage, but no current) and the battery cables.

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