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If he really loves you, he would finish with his girlfriend and be with you. Dont think that you could have an affair with him, it wouldn't be fair on his girlfriend. Ask him, if he really loves you, to prove it by splitting with her. Are you sure he wasnt just sparing your feelings? Is he someone you've known a long time? If you have, why didnt he admit this sooner? If you havent known him long, try to get to know him properly. He might be someone who gives their love too freely, and could end up just being a player. If in the meantime he splits with her, then go for it, but just tread carefully. its not just him and you in this equation, its her as well. A woman scorned usually comes after the other woman to get her vengance. If you can cope with that, fine, but Im only warning you because Ive been there.

Good Luck, Emma.

AnswerJust remains friends with him. Let him finish that relationship before starting another with you. AnswerI say run for your life. This guy is a cheater. As soon as he told you he loved you he was cheating on his girlfriend. And if it were true, he surely would have left the GF by now. I think the most likely scenario is that he is just saying that he loves you in order to get leverage with you. Let me guess. You said that you love him first, right?? I think that what is probably best for you is to stay away from him and let your feelings subside. If he loved you he would be with you already. AnswerYou move on and find someone who actually DOES love you and doesn't want to string you along and play games. Even his girlfriend should dump him. AnswerThen he needs to choose to either

a: stick with his girlfriend or... b: break up with her.

There's really no other alternatives. He should choose who he loves the most. Simple as that.

AnswerJust maybe he's being nice to the GF and being sincere to the other woman. Maybe there is a reason he can't leave, such as severe depression of the GF. I don't think he's stringing you along and I think you might be able to work it out. The only leverage I see is that the GF will stick with this guy no matter how he treats her, she's a doormat. Let me guess he makes a good income. It doesn't matter who say I love you first, you just both have to mean it! Good luck and be careful. Don't let this woman know where you live. AnswerHAS HE CHEATED ON ANYONE B4? AnswerI know exactly what you mean. I have the same problem, but it isn't because he is with another girl. It's for other reasons, but the only advice I can give you is to wait. That's all I can do and trust me it will drive you crazy, but just relax and be patient. Remember: Good things come to those who wait. At least that's what I have always heard:) Things may not work out with his girlfriend, and if he really loves you then he'll leave her and be there for you. Like I said though be patient! Hang in there! AnswerOh boy, could you really trust him if you did get together? What a player! answertell him to chose the one he loves the most
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Q: What should you do when you are are madly in love with a guy and he says he loves you too but has a girlfriend?
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