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I realize that one must have hurt you deeply. There isn't much you can do. Just because he wants to ask your friend out doesn't mean anything will become of it. Sit back and see what happens and if he doesn't see her that often or asks her out on a second date then tell him you would like to go out on a real date with him just to see what it's like. Make it light and airy when you suggest this. You never know, he may feel you just care for him as a friend. NEVER let a man get in the way of a good friendship.

2006-08-09 07:23:53
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How do you know if your best friend wants your girlfriend?

If your girlfriend hangs around with you and your best friend it is difficult to tell if they are friends or if your best friends really wants her. As long as your girlfriend is with you and treats you well it does not much matter whether your best friend wants her or not.

What a girlfriend wants from his boy friend?

sex _________________ love

What do you do if your friend gets a hanging wedgie by his roomate and his girlfriend is coming?

You help your friend out as best you can! No one wants to be caught in an embarassing position in front of their boyfriend or girlfriend. You should always help your friends out.

What does Liam Payne wants to be his girl friend?

His girlfriend is Danielle Peazer so he wants her.

What if a friend wants to bring new girlfriend that no one likes to a function?

i would tell that person how everybody feels and see Wat he says. He is your friend and if you don't like his girlfriend u should tell him.

Why does the guy you like's friend push him to you?

Because he wants his friend to hav a beautiful girlfriend

Your friend wants to just be friends but you want her to be your girlfriend what do you do?


When a guy tells you he is in love with his girlfriend?

It means that he is in love with his girlfriend that he wants to take his relationship seriously and he wants you as a friend not more than friends.

Why does a girlfriend keep seeing her old boy friend?

She wants him back

What does it mean when your best friend replaces you with his girlfriend?

hes still your friend buthe wants to spend more time getting closer to his girlfriend

What if your husband has a good friend and wants to go out as a couple with him and his wife but you really don't like the wife much?

Then he should take his girlfriend.

Should you kiss your girl friend if your sick?

NO It depends I suppose it is up to your girlfriend because you could pass on whatever you have got but it is up to your girlfriend whether she wants to I hope I helped

What do you do if your girlfriend wants to be just friends?

start looking for a girl friend

Why he wants you if he has a girlfriend?

He wants the girl he's in love with not the girlfriend he has and only strongly likes. I should know because my best friend Hunter has a gf and the way he acts around me proves that he's in love with me and only strongly likes her.

What should my friend do if his girlfriend started kissing another boy but now she isn't with him anymore and she wants to talk again with my friend who still likes her should he phone her?

* Your friend may still like her, but if he is smart he will stay away from her. What she did to him by kissing the other boy hurt him deeply and this will happen again. She is on the rebound, meaning the other guy she was with probably dumped her and she wants your friend to be with her again. He can do much better by finding a girlfriend that will be more loyal to him and he should tell her to take a hike.

I think my girlfriend is falling in love with my best friend and I don't know what to do since I'm in love with her?

You should share your concern with your girlfriend and ask her directly that what she wants from your relationship. Also ask your best friend to help clear the matter. If he is also interested in your girlfriend then maybe its better to dump both of them. Since a true friend/girlfriend will never do so to you.

Is it unfair of your girlfriend to threaten to leave you if you continue to talk to your best friend?

Does she have a valid reason for wanting you to cut off contact with your friend? If she just wants to be in control you should probably get out of the relationship. If your friend is a jerk maybe you should listen to your GF.

My friend wants advice because he broke up with he's girlfriend what should I tell him?

Depends on the situation. but he needs to move on and things will get better.

Should you be jealous if your gf goes out with her best friend that wants to go out with her should you trust them even though your girlfriend tells you when they r going out like to the movies?


Should a guy be jealous when his girlfriend wants to hang out with her guy friend?

Number one you shouldn't if you know your girlfriend is honest but if she is like those most popular girl in school AkA the boyfriend stealer then i would watch your back my friend

What do you have to do if your best friend wants to go out with your brother?

tell your friend that your brother has a girlfriend and he can't go out with her sorry friends

What is the difference between a lady friend and girl friend?

lady friend is just a friend girlfriend is a relationship or where he just wants to get her in bed and make love

What do you do if your best guy friend tells you he likes you but he already has a girlfriend?

I would have to say he has a girlfriend because he wants to get over you. maybe because he is scared or in fear to lose you as a friend

Recardo wants to be mi friend What should l Do?

Be his friend.

Your girlfriend wants a break how should you deal with this?

you should respect her decision..