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What should you do when you are involved in an accident where the other party did not want to involve the police but they contacted you later requesting payment for damages?

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2006-09-04 00:17:58

If they did not want the police involved, there may be a chance

they didn't have license, insurance, or either. i would not give

them a dime. not one cent. if i were u, i would get a legal

oppinion. * In most states police do not get involved in minor

accidents when there are not injuries or mitigating circumstances

such as someone being under the influence. Apparently information

was exchanged since the other involved party knew how to contact

you. The best option is to obtain assistance from your insurance

provider. An attorney cannot give you advice on a situation that

has yet to become a legal issue. As noted, it would be very unwise

for the involved party to make any agreement or payment until he or

she has consulted with their insurance agent.

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