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Lot's of the time, she's shy! She's afraid she'll mess up and you won't like her any more. Tell her face to face that you know how she feels, and tell her she doesn't have to feel shy around you. This will make her more comfortable around you, and she shouldn't be so shy and quiet anymore. She may tell you that you aren't her type of guy, but at least you got something our of her. Talk to her in person

Make her feel like she can be comfortable around you when you are together. Make sure she knows that she can talk to you

She may just be shy and nervous. She's afraid she say something wrong. Talk to her in person and make her feel comfortable with you.

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What does the term call and response refer to?

it refers that you should be quiet

What to do with crazy noisy neighbours?

ask them to stop or quiet down, if that doesnt stop then call the cops...if THAT doesnt stop maybe try looking for a different place to live?

Does it mean a guy likes you if hes always like no you don't like you nd all that?

If he is telling you that he doesnt like you and doesnt do anything to disprove that, like call you, hang with you or make an attempt to be nice to you , then he doesnt.

Should you be bothered that your friend is so busy with work you always have to call him to see him?

yeah, that sorta would make you feel more like the friend doesnt want to talk to you or something if they`re always detracted. it would bother me..............my opinion

You have a Boyfriend named vusi he doesnt call you much does it mean he doesnt love me?

well maybe he just doesnt call u cuz he's shy or maybe he's waiting for u to call him. i dont know cuz i dont know what kind of person he is, but maybe you should just talk with him

What will happen if you eat mistletoe?

Mistletoe contains toxins and poisons. It doesnt always cause death, but if you do happen to eat it, it will always mean a call or trip to the emergency room.

If he doesnt call for three days after he says see you soon should you be worried?

i would be very worried if my boyfriend said he would call me and he did not

What topic I should talk when you calling a girl on phone?

dont call them call let them call you and if you have to make it always about them

What does it mean if you give a girl a call me note and she doesnt call?

She probably doesnt like you or understand what you want

Should you choose left or right on call of duty 5?

it doesnt matter, but i would choose right

How much does it cost to get into kids club?

your should try to call them!! it doesnt say on their website! hope this helps!

Can you call the police if father doesnt return child when supose to?

Of course you can and you should, especially if there is a court order.

What do you call a place that a pregnant cat sleeps?

I have always heard it referred to as a nest. The process of her finding a quiet, safe place to birth is called nesting.

If your mate stop calling you should you stop calling him?

if he just doesn't kal because he doesnt want to then yes, you should bt if he's at work or school then you should give him a call he might be to tired to call you.

What is an easy way to say i like you?

first you have to charm her then call her out for a date some place quiet then tell her i love you.Then she will start blushing and she will kiss you if she doesnt then you kiss her trust me it worked with my girlefriend.

What should you call a judge in a cover letter when applying to work for him?

When you are applying to work for judge, you should refer to him or her as 'Your Honor.' You should always call a judge 'Your Honor.'

Should you drive to the Hospital or call 911?

you should always call 911 if it is an emergency and never try to drive to the hospital by yourself and if you are in danger you should call 911 of emergencies or if yo you are in danger

What should you do with a boyfriend that won't call you?

um if he wont call you then call him and find out why he wont call you ask whats going on and if that doesnt work, write him a letter and give it to him or ask him at school. but figure out what is going on..

How do you know he doesn't like you anymore?

You know when a boy doesnt like you anymore when..he doesnt pay attention to youignores your call / doesnt call you at alltexts / flirts with your friendsdoesnt go place with youdisowns you

Should you call someone retarded?

You should always treat others with respect. Name calling is bullying.

Should give back a gift card to the gift giver if it doesnt work?

No, call the customer service number on the back.

If you have always been the one calling her should you let her call you or should you keep calling her?

Do you know if she likes that you call her? If she does, then keep calling her... her feelings might be hurt that you stopped. If you don't know if she does or not, you need to wait for her to call you next. You should let her call you for a change she needs to call you

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