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What should you do when you find out the police have been infected by the narcissist and won't help you?

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Police don't get infected by Narcissism! There is probably not enough evidence and if you are reporting this person as an abuser to you, then often the person reporting it to the police is too afraid to charge the abuser. There is not much the police can do unless the person charging will help the police as much as they can. If you live in a county or small town where the person should be arrested, but never is, it's best to go into another town or county and form your complaint. Good luck Marcy Ask to see someone else. They may have got to one or more officers but they haven't got to them all. Be strong and have them charged, it will stop them. Narcissists don't like sitting in cells alone eh. If your narcissist physically abuses you and you end up with bruises, split lip or cuts, then have a friend take pictures of you at home with the date on the picture and then have her take you to the police and have them take pictures of these injuries. Even at this it has to be proven that the narcissist was the one that inflicted the injuries. There is a smarter way to deal with this .... go to a friends house and phone your local "Abused Women's Center" or your local "Mental Health" and they will put you in the right direction. If you live in a very small town and feel unsafe doing this get your friend to drive you to the next largest town available. Be prepared to stay! Abused Women's Centers will take you in (put you into a "Transition House" also called a "Safe Place") give you counseling and also send a counselor to court with you should you want to charge your abuser. No one knows where the "Safe Place" is so it's doubtful your abuser will find you. Be careful who you talk too about this and choose one trusted friend! Good luck!

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How does a narcissist become a narcissist?

They are born that way. A narcissist is just a milder form of a psychopath, they can feel shame and guilt but that is all. You will know when you have been around a narcissist because you will feel used abused and robbed. Read all you can on this horrific disorder.

What do you call a cell that has been infected with a virus?

you call it "a cell that has been infected with a virus"

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Is a computer virus considered a security risk?

Yes, most of the computer virus have security threat to the infected computer. If your computer has been infected with virus, you should remove it quickly.

What can a person do if they have been a victim of abuse of police power?

you should tell a person with more power than a police officer.

What should you do if you had been a victim of technology related problems?

Contact the police if you are the victim of a cyber crime.

Can a child of nine be a narcissist and what should we look out for?

Yes a child of nine can certainly be well on the way to becoming a narcissist. My niece is twelve and I am aggrieved to admit that I now believe her to be a fully fledged narcissist. All the signs were there at nine but it is just now that we are really starting to see the full extent of the damage. Has the nine year old been physiologically or physically abused? Or have there been no boundaries in her life and has he/she been cosseted and adored from birth? Research the symptoms and take heed as I have done.

How can strep throat be prevented?

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Should you encourage a friend who has been sexually assaulted to go to the hospital?

I'd encourage to go to both police and hospital. I agree , both the police and hospital staff should be informed .

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What should you do if you have been a victim of technology related problems?

If you had been caught up in a problem that involves technology you should tell your parent or a responsible adult or you should report the abuse to the police.

If you have a child with your boyfriend and he steals her at night what should you do?

You are the child's mother, you should go to the police and report that your child has been abducted.

What are the statistics of a computer getting infected by a virus?

40% of computer users have been infected by a virus.

Should police be armed?

yes thay should. there is too much violent crime Yes i think the police should be allowed to carry guns or maybe tazers & learn how to shoot to injure, there have been a few shootings by the police over the last 5 years where shoot to kill could have been avoided & it would certaintly save police from the public back lash & of their own guilt & self doubt. BOB

What to do when you arrive at work and realize there has been a break in?

You should Call the police or look for clues if you are an investagater

How can you diagnose a narcissist?

If you don't have a psychiatric degree then it's simply "arm chair psychology" and no one should try putting a label on another person. The word "narcissist" has been battered around on this board too often, when the person could be suffering from anything from depression, alcohol, drug abuse, etc.

Can you think of ways by which you can avoid leptospirosis?

Don't be a near an infected dog, rat or other mammal that is similarly infected. Do not touch soil or water that has been infected.

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What should you do if there is a bully problem at school and adults do nothing about it?

Phone the police. If you have been given verbal threats of violence or have been assaulted they have to deal with it.

My step-mom has been hitting me what should I do?

you should tell your dad and tell or call the police dont be scared she has no right to hit you

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