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Perhaps you should listen to your friends and here is why: When I was a lot younger and met my first husband and started to date him, my family and friends didn't like him. In my own immature mind and heart I believed with a lot of love and kindness I could change him. Well, I learned a very dear lesson. You can't change another person unless they want to change on their own accord and you can't make someone love you! He didn't treat me very well and being so young I didn't even know he was cheating on me while going together. I followed my heart and married him with not much support from family and friends. After a year of marriage I realized how right they were and ended up in a marriage where was husband was mentally/physically abusive and cheating on me as well. It took 3 1/2 years of marriage to get the drift and one day I simply walked out on him, filed for divorce and never looked back. Before you continue on with losing your dignity over chasing this guy, think hard. Is he worth it? Love is grand when two people are in love, but this guy obviously doesn't respect you (or probably any girl for that matter.) It's hard to let someone go when you loved them, but you can't make someone love you. Move on and go out with friends and have fun. At first it will be hard, but the pain passes. If you don't move on with your life you could truly miss out on a wonderful guy that is better suited to you. Love isn't about hurting someone, but love is honor, loyalty, leaving the person you love with dignity, and above all trust. This relationship you were in appears to have none of these qualities. Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: What should you do when you lose a boyfriend who you love and all your friends are going against you because they think you might do something with him?
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it depend on how well you trust your friends and your boyfriend. everyone makes mistakes ..x

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The correct situation is what happens between you and your boyfriend is none of your friends business and is private unless you so choose to tell them something private. What your boyfriend tells you about himself should remain between the two of you and your friends need not know.

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Go out to eat with all of your friends and you boyfriend so they can find something in common, then they can relate.

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in a nice way doe

Should you break up with your boyfriend even if your madly in love with him because of your friends or because of his?

Some people would say yes. But, I say no. If you're madly in love with him, boyfriend comes before friends. And if your friends are telling you that it's him or them, then they're not worth your time. They're not real friends. Don't break up with him because of friends. That's just stupid. No offense.

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