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A flashing amber light means approach the lock at a safe speed and under full control.

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Q: What should you do when you see a flashing amber light near the entrance to a river lock?
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What do you do at a flashing amber light?

Flashing amber light means slow down, watch for potential dangers. Flashing red means stop; proceed if and when it is safe.

What does a red or amber traffic light mean?

A red light - steady or flashing - means STOP. A steady amber light means Caution - signal about to change. A flashing amber light means SLOW DOWN.

What signal indicates you should approach a river lock at a safe speed?

Amber flashing light.

What must a driver do at a pelican crossing do when the amber light is flashing?

If there are pedestrians still crossing when the amber light is flashing, the motorist must remain stationary. If there are no pedestrians crossing, the motorist can proceed. (But, be careful of pedestrians taking a chance and attempting to cross when the amber light is flashing - it is best to use caution until the light turns green.)

What does a traffic light with a flashing amber signal mean?

You must stop

What does a flashing amber light at the pelican-crossing mean?

it means there is a pedestrian crossing

What does a flashing amber light at the pelican crossing mean?

it means there is a pedestrian crossing

When you see a flashing yellow light at an intersection you should?

When you see a flashing yellow light at an intersection you should proceed with caution.

What does the flashing amber exclamation mark warning light mean in a mini cooper?

In the mini cooper, the amber flashing exclamation mark comes on when the tires are low on pressure and the traction changes. Keep on checking the tire pressure to control that.

Is it illegal to run amber triffic lights?

It is not illegal to run through amber traffic lights if they are the flashing amber lights. Amber lights that occur just before red lights are not illegal to run through, but caution should be observed. A sudden burst of speed to get through the light could cause an accident.

What is the flashing amber led light on the windshield of your 2001 Lincoln LS It is below the rearview mirror and faces outward?

It is the L.E.D light for the factory alarm.

What is required at a flashing yellow light?

A flashing yellow light means you should drive with caution when approaching and moving through the intersection.

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