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What should you do when your boyfriend is from another culture and you've been together for 2 years but now out of respect to his family he has to marry a 15-year-old girl from a different country?

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2006-09-27 20:30:04

I know this is heart-breaking for you, but there are some

cultures where families (even though their children are

westernized) choose a girl for them. The East Indian culture and

Asian cultures can be like this. Either that or he has gotten some

young girl pregnant and he's having to "pay the piper." It's time

to move on and learn a lesson from this experience (we all have

lessons to learn) and love is not always fair. Wow. That's a hard

one. There could be more to it. There could be money that his

family will inherit with the marraige, and they might really need

it. Things like this, nobody can change. He obviously knew this was

going to happen, and why he got involved with you I don't know.

Hopefully they will change their minds, if not, you will always

have him in your heart and maybe later things will change and you

will be able to be together.

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