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This is a serious offence so it's advisable you seek legal counsel immediately! If you are innocent and the person accusing you has lied they may well be charged. Retain an attorney or if charged request a PDA and cease from discussing the matter with anyone until you have received legal counsel.

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Temporary restraining order criminal record?

Depends on the reason for the restraining order but I don't think, considering its temporary for whatever reason, it would count as a criminal offense.

How long does a temporary restraining order stay on your record in Washington state?

A temporary restraining order is a civil order, not a criminal conviction. It therefore will not appear on a criminal record. However, the court clerk will maintain the record forever.

Is a restraining order civil or criminal?


How long does a restraining order stay on your record?

A restraining order is a civil record and does not go on your criminal record. However, if you violate a restraining order it then becomes a criminal offense.

What is a sentence for restraining?

I have a restraining order against him.Why are the police restraining him?

Do restraining orders appear on your Criminal record?

No, but violations of such do. A restraining order is a civil order.

What are the consequences of violating a restraining order if its a misdominer?

Your question is unclear. If what is a misdemeanor? A protective or restraining order is a civil, not a criminal, order. The violation is typically a criminal offense. What criminal offense and how it is punished varies.

Will a restraining order stay on your record?

If it was only a CIVIL COURT restraining order, it will not appear on your criminal record. HOWEVER, if there was any criminal action associated with it, or which was the cause for it being issued, (e.g.: domestic battery), THAT is a criminal matter and it WILL appear on your criminal record.

If a restraining order is dropped will it stay on criminal record?

yes it will

How long does a restraining order stay on your background in Wisconsin?

If no criminal charges accompanied the incident that brought about the restraining order, there will be no record of it on your criminal history. However, if there was a criminal incident connected with it (e.g.: assault or battery - etc), THAT offense will remain on your adult criminal history record.

What is the criminal charge for violating restraning order?

The charge IS "Violation of a Restraining Order."

Can a 10 yr old restraining order record be removed by expungement?

If it was a civil court restraining order, it will not appear on your criminal history record.If it was associated with a criminal domestic violence or domestic battery charge, this type of record is not expungable.

How can one abstain from a restraining order in the US?

For an individual to abstain from a restraining order in the United States, do not create or cause any criminal activities. A restraining order can last several days to years, depending on the case.

What can you get a restraining order for?

A restraining order is a type of court order which is offered in helping to keep the abuser away from the victims so that the harassing stops and the abuser steers clear from the violence scene. It is important to know that the restraining orders are not criminal orders, but civil orders and that the abusers don't posess any criminal record.

Do temporary retraining orders go on your criminal background?


Can restraining orders stop you from a job in law enforcement?

It depends. If the restraining order is in relation to a criminal conviction then yes, but by themselves without proof of another crime (such as assault) then no.

What if a petitioner violates a Personal protective order?

If the petitioner of a restraining order violates the terms of the order, then he or she is just as liable to criminal prosecution. A restraining order goes both ways.

Is it illegal to evade a civil restraining order?

It is illegal to evade a civil restraining order. Once you evade it, you may be held in contempt of court. You may also face criminal sanctions.

Four actions you should take when an incident is suspected to involve criminal or terrorist activity?

If you suspect an incident is either criminal or terroristic in nature there are four actions you should take. They include isolation, documentation, establishing a safe zone, and prevent further contamination.

When they go for the marriage license will they check their criminal backgrounds or check to see if they have restraining orders against one another?

Question: Why don't the two of you just go back to court and have the restraining orders dropped and be done with it?

Does a charge of terroristic threat mean jail time in pa?

There are no set punishments or sentences for criminal offenses. The court must consider relevant law, the facts and circumstances of the offense, and the history of the convicted.

What information is being sought in the background check when purchasing a firearm in Texas?

Criminal convictions, indictments, restraining orders, mental incompetency

I have a restraining order on a person. they contacted me. what will happen?

Contacted you HOW? In person? By phone? By third party? If they are violating the provisions of the restraining order you will have to notify the court and/or (depending on your state) swear out a warrant against them. REMINDER: Restraining orders are orders of the CIVIL court and cannot be enforced by the police who can ONLY enforce CRIMINAL law.

What is the penalty for perjury in Florida for a restraining order?

Unless issued by a criminal court - Florida's Domestic Violence restraining orders are writs of the Circuit Civil Courts. If you commit perjury in applying for one, you will be subject to the action of a civil court - which COULD include jail.

Can you arrest a family member for stalking you?

This does not meet the criteria for a "citizen's arrest." If their actions amount to stalking or criminal annoyance you can apply for a restraining order against them.

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