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You re-examine your competency as a parent. Re-think you spanking policy and get your child under control!!! First you should ignore the answers that question your parenting ability or suggest spanking. Secondly, you should realize that this is behavior a child won't simply "grow out of" and as your child grows and gets stronger the potential that they may cause physical harm to someone increases. It is important to get help for your child as soon as possible. Evaluation by your family doctor, or a child psychologist can be helpful but can also cost money. Your local school district should be able to perform an assessment of your child at no cost to you. Each school district should have several professionals on staff that work as a team. It is their goal to have your child as physically, emotionally and socially ready for school as possible. They may want your child to be seen by a psychologist, physical therapist, social worker, occupational therapist, and a speech pathologist. It may be the best thing you'll ever do for your family. It was for mine. you need to let your child know that your are the parent and do not let them act any such way. You may want to consider the spanking policy. It works the best! Whatever you do, don't spank your kid. What you should rather do, is talk to them. Ask them why they get thrown out of daycare. Most importantly, listen to what they say. If they think you actually care about their point of view, you might even be able to ask them to stop being violent so that they won't get thrown out anymore. Talking and listening works the best. I am a believer of spankings when all else fails, but, in this case you should have your child diagnosed by your pediatrician to be sure there is no physical cause such as ADD/ADHD. I would also suggest you take him off ALL SUGARS! Read those labels. Often when children are taken off sugar they will calm down in a month or two (some parents see dramatic changes.)

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Q: What should you do when your four-year-old is very violent and gets thrown out of day care?
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