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First of all you should talk to the claims representative and if that doesn't get results then ask for a supervisor. If you have an insurance agent to contact you can also get them involved. If that fails to get results ask your state's insurance commissioner for help in the matter.

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Q: What should you do when your insurance company deems your car a total loss but they are taking too much time to send the settlement check to your finance company?
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You own your car it was totaled Should you let the insurance company have it after they pay you?

This depends on what the settlement covers I have required the insurance company to allow me to retain ownership, this reduces the settlement. Or the if you do not specify that this is what you want the insurance company gets the car.

Is it normal for your insurance Co to ask you to delete your name from the check to the finance Co for damages?

generally no did the ins co cross out your name or did they just put the finance companies name on the check? If they crossed it out they just committed a crime- its called altering an instrument(check) . If they left your name off the check , the claim was for a total loss and you owed more that the insurance settlement , the finance company would be entitled to the full settlement from the insurance company . If that's not the case your name should be on the check too.

Your car was written off by the at fault drivers insurance company what if the settlement figure is not enough for your finance company?

The amount offered by the at-fault insurer should be the equivalent of the balance to finance company. Take NO LESS than that!!! This is called "indemnity" Use that word with the insurer... that will get them sitting up straight! * Use that word and they may laugh at you. Insurance pays the VALUE OF THE VEHICLE. You can purchase Gap Insurance, usually through the financing company, which will cover the remainder of the loan.

How do you know if you have gap coverage on your car?

GAP Insurance is usually purchased at point of sale through Auto Dealerships and Automotive Finance Companies. You should look at the paperwork you received from your vehicle purchase. GAP Insurance is NOT Auto Insurance. It is Finance Company insurance.

Will a finance company accept storage insurance instead of full coverage if the car is never driven If so how much cheaper is storage insurance compared to full coverage?

They will probably demand full coverage on the car whether you drive it or not. The storage insurance should be quite a bit cheaper than if the vehicle were actually in use on the streets, etc. Check with your finance company and your insurance agent.

If you are the primary signer on the car's title and on the insurance who should the check be made out to if you total your car?

To ALL the names on the title AND the bank/finance company that holds a lien.

I need an insurance form?

you should go to the insurance company or they should have it on their website.

Insurance company refusing to reinsure because of unregister camper in yard is there a distance in feet which let me get insurance.?

This question should be directed to your insurance company. They are the one's that make that determination.This question should be directed to your insurance company. They are the one's that make that determination.

How do you find the name of auto insurance company and its code?

uhm you should know it ? its your insurance company ?

Do I need insurance for a Bus Rental ?

The company you are renting the bus from should have the insurance. You do not need to purchase insurance from a separate company.

Can a car only get repossessed for no insurance?

Absolutely. When you purchase and finance a vehicle you sign a legally binding contract. Perhaps you should read what you sign. The contract states that you agree to carry insurance that includes comprehensive and collision with a maximum deductible of usually $500. If you let your insurance cancel then you have broken the contract and therefore the finance company can reposses the vehicle.

What if the driver at fault will not call their insurance company to report the accident?

If the other party is refusing to call their insurance company - then you should call their insurance company and file the claim.

What To Look For In A Finance Company?

So you want to choose a finance company to handle your money, but you aren't really sure where to look. A good finance company is one that, above all else, you can trust. You should be able to trust your finance company so that you won't have to constantly worry about things. This is a very important idea and it's one you should cling to. Be sure that your finance company has a good reputation within the industry. Likewise, take the time out of your schedule to sit down with them and see whether the company is a good fit for you.

I got into a minor accident and I was at fault. The other driver had my information and will file with my insurance company. Anything I need to do?

You should contact your insurance company and let them know. Your insurance company should take care of the rest.

Can a company be put on auto insurance as an additional and will this satisfy personal insurance when driving the vehicle on company time?

No, the company cannot drive! If the company wants you to use your personal car for company business, they should provide insurance for that use.

Which health insurance company in India has best claim settlement ratio?

Almost every insurance claims to provide the best settlement ratio. You will find plenty but to ensure which one actually fulfills all your requirements and providing you the best services you should compare the policy online.. By comparing you can choose the best and be saved from fake commitments..

If you have only liability auto insurance should your insurance provider help you with a claim settlement against another insurance company after a auto accident?

no - your insurer is under no "obligation" to help you. Best bet is to pursue through small claims court. if damage is greater than small claims value - consult an attorney and negotiate a reasonable fee (usually a % of settlement amount and you owe nothing if you lose)

What is the role of corporate finance?

The role of corporate finance is to handle all the financial matters in a given business or company. One of the key responsibility of corporate finance is to evaluate the assets and determine whether or not a given company should invest in it.

If there is a great deal of damage done to the roof of your house and no company will finance you will your insurance company help you?

Most homeowners insurance companies do not provide mortgage financing. Any damage done to a home, such as hail, wind, fire, etc. should be covered by the homeowners insurance. If the roof is just "worn out" it is the homeowners responsibility This is considered normal and expected maintenance incidental to home ownership.

What is the cheapest insurance company for motorbikes in Australia?

The cheapest insurance company for motorbikes in Australia can't just be determined, one should get quotes from different insurance companies in Australia such as motorcycle-insurance.

Do you have to accept the voucher from the insurance company?

I'm assuming you mean the total loss settlement on your car. Usually the insurance company will research the value of your car. Check your policy carefully on this, as some insurance companies have the last word and others let you have your car appraised at your own expense should you feel the offer is too low. Usually not, but read your policy, and above all, negotiate!

Does Georgia law require you to add someone from another state who does not live with you to your motorcycle insurance if they ride your motorcycle?

you would have to call the your insurance company but if the person has insurance it should be fine. I know my insurance company covers me for everything its based on the company you are with.

Does it take long to finance a car?

It should not take very long to finance a car, depending on the car's model, condition, etc and also the finance company you are financing the car from.

How do you find out if dad had finance insurance?

You should be able to call the lien holder and see if it was required. That should give you all you need.

Should insurance settlements be repaid when stolen goods are recovered?

That is up to the discression of the insurance company.