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First, don't let yourself be a victim. If she doesn't want to be with you any more, do whatever it takes to get your life back together. The best way to get back at her would be to have a good life. Go do something for YOURSELF. Buy a nice new car, loose weight, meet some people and be seen having a good time. Eventually, if you ACT like you're having a good time, you will actually start enjoying it. If she expects you to fall apart, don't let her see you do it. Divorce is war. Wow! What happened that caused her to make such a drastic decision? Whatever happened its clear that she is determined to show you that she means what she says which is probably why she has started hanging out with her friends. That doesnt however mean that she is also seeing someone else or that she doesnt still love you. Dont sit around worrying yourself to death about what she is doing right now and more importantly, DONT try to pressure her into changing her mind right now as it appears that she is very angry. Give her some time to vent and give her some space. If she really loves you and values the relationship she will eventually when she calms down seek you out then maybe the two of you can start to sort things out through communication and maybe put the peices back together. If and when that does happen my suggestion to you would be Family Counseling especially if children are involved. Good luck!

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Q: What should you do when your wife has told you that it's over and she does not want to be with you and what should you think as she goes out with her friends?
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