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What should you do with habitual criminals?

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2007-09-08 13:54:03

What should we do with habitual criminals? Well, I personally

feel that habitual criminals should be placed in a different part

of the jail or prison and they should have to work. They should

have to pay money while they are serving their time or sentence.

Why should taxpayers have to pay for criminals? Make the criminals

have to work and pay for themselves while their in serving their

time. The work should be hard, grinding, tiresome, and exhausting.

While criminals are in the system they should get the counseling

that is being provided for them. They should have to do group

sessions and anger management. I think it should go back to the old

ways where the prisoners go out and dig holes, work along side the

roadside in chains picking up litter, etc. Where if they stepped

out of line or tried to escape they were shot on spot or they were

beat down. Or we could just stick them all in a building with gays,

leibans, killers, terrorists, drug dealers, child molesters and

wipe them off of this earth. So when anyone else would think about

it that their would be consequences. It would be a message to the

rest of the criminals out there. Whether we do something about it

or not in the end they will get it on judgment day in front of God

on how they chose to live their lives.

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