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What should you do with habitual criminals?

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What should we do with habitual criminals? Well, I personally feel that habitual criminals should be placed in a different part of the jail or prison and they should have to work. They should have to pay money while they are serving their time or sentence. Why should taxpayers have to pay for criminals? Make the criminals have to work and pay for themselves while their in serving their time. The work should be hard, grinding, tiresome, and exhausting. While criminals are in the system they should get the counseling that is being provided for them. They should have to do group sessions and anger management. I think it should go back to the old ways where the prisoners go out and dig holes, work along side the roadside in chains picking up litter, etc. Where if they stepped out of line or tried to escape they were shot on spot or they were beat down. Or we could just stick them all in a building with gays, leibans, killers, terrorists, drug dealers, child molesters and wipe them off of this earth. So when anyone else would think about it that their would be consequences. It would be a message to the rest of the criminals out there. Whether we do something about it or not in the end they will get it on judgment day in front of God on how they chose to live their lives.

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What are habitual criminals?

People who no longer think about what they are doing before committing a crime as it has become an everyday occurrence for them

2 What group did Nazis deem unfit to belong to the Aryan Master race?

habitual criminals and mentally ill.

What has the author Lincoln Efford written?

Lincoln Efford has written: 'The indeterminate sentence and habitual criminals in New Zealand'

Should criminals be punished or rehabilitated?

criminals should be punished for thier crimes according to law.

How should Canada deal with their war criminals?

Canada should deal with their war criminals by arresting them.

How should canada deal with war criminals?

War criminals should be punished according to the crimes they have committed.

Should criminals be punished or not?


What does habitual mean?

Habitual (verb) means to *be such by force or habit* Example: habitual lying

What is the part of speech for habitual?

Habitual is an adjective.

Should criminals be hanged for murder In percentage?

yes they should

Should criminals be punished or educated?


Criminals are wicked and ought to be punisheddebate against the motion?

criminals should be punished severely but before punishing we should try to know why they dd so

What is habitual past?

A habitual past is using a used to sex

Should criminals be cured or be punished?

a crime should be punished because according to me if a crime is not punished then criminals will start doing more crimes as they will think that they are cured

What was the Hierarchy of the Auschwitz prisoners?

roughly: Political prisoners Criminals (habitual or violent) Jehovahs Witnesses Anti-Socials Slavs Soviet POWs Jews gypsies were held in their own section and did not mix with the others.

What should offenders do with criminals?

Offenders (being criminals themselves) don't treat other criminals any better than they treat the people that they offended (committed a crime against).

Should criminals be punished or re educated?


What has the author T Barwick Ll Baker written?

T. Barwick Ll Baker has written: 'The habitual criminals bill, and reformatories for adults' -- subject(s): Recidivists ''War with crime'' -- subject(s): Administration of Criminal justice, Crime, Crime prevention, Criminal justice, Administration of, Criminals, Prisons, Reformatories, Rehabilitation

How you use the word habitual in a sentence?

He took his habitual place at the dinner table.

Should all Chinese criminals be deported back to china if they do something wrong?

Convicted criminals should be punished as much as we want HERE, then deported. One should not escape prison becasue he's an alien.

Should criminals be sent to jail or not?

Yes they should be sent to jail.

Should teen criminals go to an adult jail?


What crimes do you do to get a habitual felon?

A habitual felon is someone with repeated felon, be careful OK!

An habitual offender is someone who?

A habitual offender is a person who has repeatedly committed the same crime.

What percent of drinking drivers are habitual?

I think 37 percent drivers are habitual of drinking.