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Q: What should you feed to a hamster with urinary infection?
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How often do you feed a winter white hamster?

you should feed and water your hamster every day.

Should you feed a hamster sweet potatoes?

No you shold not feed a hamster sweet potatoes! (Bad Idea!!)

How often should you feed a hamster hay?

im sorry but you do NOT feed your hamster hay itsa big no no

Can you feed your hamster a candy cane?

No this will make your hamster very ill. No animals should be feed candy cane.

What food should you not feed your hamster?

You can't feed your hamster apple seeds as they are poisonous (but you can feed them the apples), you can't feed them citrus fruits or chocloate either. I typed in "what do ifeed my hamster" into google and checked what it came up with there

What cheeses can you feed your roborovski hamster?

You can only feed your hamster shredded cheddar cheese, and this should still only be a treat once in a while to feed them.

When should feed a 12 week dwarf hamster?

If your hamster has all its fur,teeth, and can walk properly than your ready to feed it.But feed it little.

What happens if you feed your hamster tangerine?

it mite have an infection or it mite have to be taken to a pet care center

What should you not feed a hamster?

Don't feed your hamster sour milk, candy, chocolate, onions, rabbit food, raw kidney beans.

What citrus fruits are you not supposed to feed your hamster?

You should not give citrus fruits to a hamster at all.

How often should you feed your hamster?

every day

Can hamsters eat sweets?

No, you should not feed your hamster candy, cake, cookies, brownies, chocolate or all the other sweets out there. You can look online for a full list of things you should not feed to your hamster. If you want to feed you hamster a treat I suggest going to your local pet store and buying treats for hamsters.

What is the best thing to feed a hamster?

you should feed it food pellets with 1treat per day. I feed my hamster the same brand every day and if I give him a different brand he will not eat at all

Can you feed a hamster dog food?

No, you should definitely not feed a hamster dog food. Hamsters are special animals, that need special food. You may feed them gerbil food, hamster food, mouse food, and rat food. The dog food, is packed with things that could overdose a hamster. Hope this helps...

How do you feed your Hamster?

to feed your hamster in your hands you just hold the piece of food close to the hamsters mouth but not to close that you are touching their mouth,and they should take it, and you should always have their food bowl at least half full.

What can you feed your dwarf hamster?

I buy my hamster some hamster food at Wal-Mart and it isn't expensive. If you don't want to do that, I also feed my hamster Special K. He LOVES it! You should get the kind with the yogurt clusters. Hamsters love that! Hope this helped! :) ~Ashley

How many grams of food should you feed your hamster?

A tablespoon of food three times a day is enough for a hamster.

Is it ok to feed your dwarf hamster chow mein noodles?

No, they should stick to a normal, healthy, hamster diet.

How much carrot should you feed your hamster?

It depends on the type of hamster and also the size of the carrot, but a typical syrian should eat just one.

How old should babys dwarf hamsters be to eat?

A baby dwarf can be feed with warm milk after birth. My advice is that you should let the mother feed the baby hamster as the hamster is blind & you can't touch. If it does not have a mother feed it fresh milk without touching it.

When can you separate a baby hamster from a mother hamster after giving birth?

no because you should not because different hamsters breast feed

How much food should you feed a hamster in a day?

1 tbs

How much do you feed a syrian hamster?

You should not feed your Syrian hamster more than ten grams of food a day. Be sure to remove old food from the cage every night.

What type of cereals can you feed a hamster?

What. Kind. Of. Cereals. Can. You. Feed. A. Hamster

How many times must you feed your hamster a week?

You should feed your hamster every day but if he/she hasn't eaten much you should either top it up or leave it. You should never leave the food more than two days as it could get ill.