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What should you get your boyfriend for his 13th birthday?

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October 10, 2011 7:51PM

First of all, 13 is not too early to have a boyfriend in the first place. hehee< edited itt

Anyway, you can find a lot of ideas for gifts for male friends when they turn 13. It depends on:

1. Your budget: how much can you spend?

2. His likes and/or dislikes: does he like sports? Videogames? Cars?

3. Your crafting skills: can you bake? Knit/crochet? Make cards?

If he's the shy and sweet type, and your allowance won't let you actually buy something, then handmade card plus a cute box of homemade cookies (ask your mum to help you do that) can be really nice.

However, a lot of boys that age might prefer other things, so:

Comic books if he's into that.

If he has a sense of humor you can perhaps get him a model toy car and write "only three more years till you can drive it!"

If you can afford it, get him a nice t-shirt, or a board game/or a game for his video game console. Board game is a better option because you get to play together.

And, of course, a good book can be inexpensive but it's a very precious gift. Choose something you like, but that's not overly girly (Twilight is not a good option!). Think The Phantom Tollbooth, or most Lloyd Alexander books (if you get used books you could buy a lot of them for less than 5 bucks!)