Christmas Gift Giving

What should you get your special someone for Christmas?



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Answer -Boys

Well it all depends on the guy. What Im getting mine is, Im getting him some shrits that he like at Hot Topic, like his fav band tee's with a coupon book from spencers, the ones that's like, One free kiss or some stuff like that. But it all depends on what kind of guy he is, if hes one of those simple guys, get him something that he likes, if hes all into good music likeee, The Fall of Troy, A skylit drive, Circa Survive, Modest mouse, or anyting good like tht, unlike that nasty music ppl listen to like greenday or The Used or whatever, Goodnesss. but yeah just like get him something you think he'll like, ask him, if he says anything, then think of things he likes, or something funnny or cutee, and if hes one of those preppy guys, he'll prob like a gift card to A&F or something or colonge from there. just yeahh, try n see what he likes or ask his friends. Or, just do something really Cute! Like make him dinner and make things really cute, and rent a cute movie like, my personal favorite,Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind" or "Garden State". And get him something that brings back memories of you two, if you guys have none then just read this over again and use the suggestions. Good Luck :] and Happy Holidays~

Answer- Girls

What to get your girlfriend for christas. First off, ask her what she wants. Most girls will either tell you what she wants or she'll say oh I don't care, anything. Either Make HER Dinner, and give her gift after dinner, while you two are sitting down on the couch or bed, which ever you prefer of doing afterwards hah. See what store she likes to shop at and give a gift card to that. Or give her chocolates and a Christmas teddy bear or something, or a build-a-bear. If some concert/shows coming up, which usually is during that time, get her tickets and go with her. She'll love that :]

Any more Questions, ask me :]

Good Luck.

Jewelery never fails but if the relationship has just started up go ahead and go with some kind of perfume. My boyfriend got me a spa day at my favorite spa place!! Afterwards we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant then he presented the last gift.. a diamond bracelet from his grandmother's collection :)

I just got him a camera and some basketball tickets... he's easy to please.

Wow, I havn't been going out with my boyfriend for long, it will be a month on Christmas eve, and he is into football and supports Manchester United. So I got him a Manchester united wallet in a gift box have fun and merry Christmas! xx