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Assuming that the starter is rotating and turning over the engine. Check for spark Check for fuel - You can get a can of starter fluid form an auto supply stoe - spray a little into the intake. Car should try to start - if it atttempts to run for a few seconds then the problem is fuel relatedm if not then it is spark related.

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Q: What should you look for if your car will not start and the battery and all the fuses have been checked?
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Why won't your vw passat start?

I checked fuses and replaced blown fuses and now it won't start.

How do you get your key to turn on your 2003 trailblazer after you have changed the battery?

Check fuses as the battery change should not initiate a "No Start" condition.

Why won't your 1990 corvette start you checked fuses and anti theft and battery is good?

It is the VAT system, thinking your are a car thief. Repair or replace the system.

My 2000 ram bus won't start. where should I start?

Start simple- check the fuses and battery. If those are good check the starter.

What can be wrong with a 1997 Ford Escort that does not start even after replacing the battery and alternator?

If your headlights, horn and everything work, I would have the ignition switch checked out. Make sure you checked all ingition fuses and relays first.

92 achieva wont start car has no power checked fuses their good brand new battery fully charged?

Check ignition relay. Jump the battery directly to the starter and see if the starter is any good.

Why won't Toyota 4Runner start Checked battery connections. Lost turn signals and gauges. Fuses starter and relay seem to be okay.?

Is this an automatic or manual transmission?

2001 Safari does not start battery starter and fuses good lights fuel pump radio all work parked it and tried to start it 15 mins later and did not start. All ground wires have been checked.?

Check all earth wires from battery to engine and earths from body to engine

2001 xterra won't start new battery won't turn over headlight come on and radio works no wipers turnsignals or odometer all fuses checked?

You may need to have your starter checked. If the radio comes on, then its not the battery. Does the truck make a clicking sound when you try to turn over the engine. If it makes a click -click noise when you try to start, then its not your starter.

Why wont your truck start changed fuel pump filter checked relay and fuses checked fuel pressure charged battery checked injectors checked kill switch Truck still wont start Please help?

Check electrical spark, if you have good fire, you can put a few drips of gas or spray some ether in to determine if it is a fuel issue, if it runs on ether, then try rotor and cap.

Car goes click click when you try to start but turns over with a boost?

The battery does not have sufficient voltage to start the car when it's cold. Have the battery checked out. If it still goes click click after running the car for a while, have the alternator checked also. A bad battery will not hold a charge and a bad alternator will not recharge the battery, (That is the reason to have the battery checked first). Make sure the connections at the battery are clean and tight.

Can you help i have a 2004 dodge ram wont start new battery all fuses good wont make a sound has all power wont do anything checked all relays need help?

have you checked the relay on the starter? and check the wire that runs from the started relay to the starter.

Why Nissan sentra 2001 taking a long time to start?

This problem may not be make and model specific. Usually when it takes a long time to start your car, there is a problem with the starter or the fuses that help start your car. In addition, your battery could be wearing out (check for corrosion as well), this can make it harder for your engine to turnover. I recommend having the fuses in the starting system and the starter itself checked out by a professional mechanic. If your battery is old, you should probably change it because a stronger batter could provide more electricity into your power system, making your car start faster.

Where is the problem Chenge battery and dont start C200 CDI 2003?

Sorry but your question makes absolutely NO sence whatsoever! do you mean that you have already Changed-(with an A, try using spell checker next time pal!) your battery with a new one and your vehicle still will not start? Have you checked ALL fuses and relays related to battery, starter, altenator, ignition and fuel pump? Have you checked ALL spark plug wires? distributor cap, spark rotor or coil pack wires? Have you checked for fuseable links and if your vehicle has any are they bad?

Why would your 1996 Mitsubishi eclipse spider convertible just not start Nothing?

I would start by checking the battery and fuses.

What are the most common causes a 1997 Nissan Maxima will not start besides the starter?

Have you checked your battery. My battery died on me all of a sudden and I could not start my car.

97 explorer clicks but wont start?

You need to charge your battery or get a jump. Replace the battery or have it checked because it is dead.

Not getting electrical to ignition system of 1961 Ford Falcon?

I've replaced ignition switch, and starter solenoid, checked fuses, and battery, but I don't seem to be getting any electrical through to start the engine. I can jump everything and get the engine to turn over but not start.

Your car runs after jump starting but will not start with out another jump start?

Have the battery checked out, it may be time to replace it.

Your battery was bad so you got a jump but you was pressing the gas but the battery was no good when you got a good battery the car wouldn't start what shall you do?

try checking your fuses

What should be checked if a 2003 Pontiac Vibe will turn over but not start?

You may want to check the battery or alternator or both. If you can get to Advance Autoparts they can check this for you for free.

What is wrong if a 90 Firebird will not start after a new battery was installed and the cables were crossed?

check your main fuses

Your 1985 Nissan pickup truck will not start it just clicks what should you do?

Try jumping it off. If it cranks remove the + side on the battery. If it shuts off the alternator is bad .If it does not shut off clean the battery terminals . Have the battery checked at the Auto Zone.

Why Pontiac Bonneville 93 ssei dash board dark?

Start by checking fuses Then check the light bulbs Some Bonnevilles have “Cluster lights” These should be checked by a dealership or a qualified mechanic

Your 1990 Plymouth laser is not starting it just makes a buzzing noise when you try to start it you have checked the fuses and replaced battery what else should you check or what could the problem be?

Have a mechanic look at it. The starter motor may be burned up, the solenoid might be frozen, or the ring gear might be missing some teeth.