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Is it an indoor pool or outdoor pool?

Have a qualified swimming pool tech, a swimming pool inspector or a swimming pool consultant advise you through an inspection of your pool. They will find and actually visually see things that stand out as needing attention or repairs or adjustments. Those things I cannot do over the internet.


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Q: What should you look for in a salt water pool when purchasing a resale home?
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Can you please suggest real estate topic for project report?

The positive and negative aspects to rehabilitating a home for resale in a depressed area.The positive and negative aspects to rehabilitating a home for resale in a depressed area.The positive and negative aspects to rehabilitating a home for resale in a depressed area.The positive and negative aspects to rehabilitating a home for resale in a depressed area.

What is a sentence for purity?

The purity of the lake water is questionable.You can tell the purity of your tap water by purchasing a home water testing kit.

what type of pest inspections should I have done when purchasing a home?

It is important to have a termite inspection done when purchasing a home. Additionally, the inspector will determine if you have any other infestations prior to closing.

When purchasing a new home how much good faith down payment should you expect on 350000.00 home?

Ten percent

What should I look for when purchasing a computer desk for home?

You should look for well constructed pieces of wood, pieces that fit your home, and pieces that fit you needs.

Does a home automation system add resale value to a home?

Yes it increase the value of your home because home which is associated with automated system involves various things like security cameras,environmental control,user friendly systems, etc. which helps in maintaining the resale value of your home. But you need to be aware of it like it should be installed properly, the system has to be easy to use and the system has to be well documented.

As a house buyer what should a person look for in purchasing their first home?

As a first-time house buyer purchasing their first home, the person should first consider which type of home best suits their needs and what specific features the ideal home would have. One should also consider the price range and mortgage one would qualify for. Before closing the deal, one should obtain a home inspection for the quality, safety and overall condition of the home.

Should I invest in a granite counter top?

Granite counter tops are great investment for any home. Not only does it improve the overall appearance of a home, but it can potentially increase a homes resale value.

What are two things one should consider when purchasing real estate in Plymouth MA?

You should consider the location of the home, whether the home is a historic home or new construction. Price is also something you should consider as well.

Do wine coolers help the resale value of a home?

Yes, but apparently there are better improvements (e.g. bathroom remodeling) if all you're looking for is resale value.

Water Purifiers-An investment in your health and your home?

Chances are your home draws its water from a well or reservoir and is full of chemicals like chlorine, or worse bacteria or metal. Installing a water purification system for the whole home allows you to ensure that all of your water is clean. Not only will you drink pure water, you'll also shower with it, brush your teeth with it and cook with it. A simple sink filter can't do all that. A home water purification system is a great way to increase the resale value of your home and protect your family's health.

Is a wool coat safe to wash at home?

If you want to wash your wool coat at home you should think about purchasing an at-home dry cleaning kit such as Dryel then follow the instructions on the package.

What are the release dates for Home Purchasing Club - 2006?

Home Purchasing Club - 2006 was released on: USA: 15 November 2006

What is the best work at home company?

There are a lot of companies that you can work for from home. Look for a company that has a product that you would be selling or buying to resale.

How does a person buy up natural gas for resale As a product not on commodity markets or futures.?

can a person buy natural gas and resale it to mobile home parks for 50-60% higher price

Can i buy a piece of land and a static caravan and go live on the land as a permanent home?

Check in with your local zoning office to be sure that this is acceptable for the area. You should also investigate whether the caravan/mobile home is going to affect the resale of the land should you later wish to sell.

Should one buy foreclosed homes for sale?

There is nothing wrong with buying foreclosed homes. A professional should be hired to inspect the home and find out what kind of repairs will be needed. There are pros and cons with purchasing a foreclosed home.

Where can one purchase a water pump?

If one is interested in purchasing a water pump, it is recommended to check popular hardware stores. These hardware stores include Lowes or even Home Depot.

Can you break an apartment lease in Louisiana if you are purchasing a home?


What is Home Depot's wood purchasing policy?

Home Depot's wood purchasing policy gives preference to the purchasing of wood products originating from certified well-managed forests and to eliminating the purchase of wood products from endangered regions such as the Amazon.

What are the county taxes when purchasing a Colorado Springs home?

When purchasing a home in Colorado Srings, the county taxes depends on the type of home, size of lot and many other factors. The County Taxes are adjusted accordingly.

What type of home is a resale home?

A resale home would be a home someone else has owned before. Mostly, it is a home people have lived in whether they bought it new or not. In the past few years, real estate agents have bought homes from the builder, and then have resold them for a higher price later. This includes "flipped" houses, where people restored homes so they could be sold. Resale homes generally quite old,But mostly old homes situated middle of cities or location. They have higher prices according to new homes. These type of homes customizes by previous owners.resale homes are not charged GSD.

Can you purchase a home while in bankruptcy?

You should not be purchasing anything while in bankrupcy. Most lenders require that the bankrupcy is completed before making a loan.

When purchasing a home who is responsible for past due HOA fees - buyer or seller?

The seller should pay up to and including the day of closing.

When purchasing a home how much time is spent in Escrow?

Depends who the seller is and whether or not fianacing is involved. Normally should take about 30-40 days.