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What should you look for when buying a computer?

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Lots of input:

  • There are lots of things to consider when buying a computer.

    First think about how much you want to store on it's hard drive. If

    you are a surfer and not much else, you may consider a lower

    capacity drive, or a heavy user might want a larger one. Hard

    drives range from 100GB to 1 or 2 TB (1TB = 1000GB). A complex word

    document takes up 0.014GB, for reference.

  • You will also need to consider your processor. You want a speed

    of at least 2GHz in my opinion, these days, and you should be able

    to get a dual (or even a quad)-core processor, depending, of course

    on your budget.

  • Another thing to consider is RAM. More commonly referred to as

    Memory, you will want at least 2GB, and should aim for 3GB.

  • When buying a new computer, the first thing you should consider

    is what you will be using the computer for. If you want to have a

    portable computer for doing work on and NOT games, you want

    probably and 14 inch or smaller laptop. If you want to play games

    and still be portable, you want maybe a 15.6 inch laptop. There are

    some nice ones on amazon. If you want a huge laptop that will be

    portable but very heavy. There are 17.3 inch computers that would

    fit that bill.

  • If you want a desktop you should look at what the place you are

    at says it is used for. For doing work you should be able to get a

    fine work computer for $600. Gaming desktops start at about $400

    but those ones are horrible and realistically start at $900.

  • If you find a good spec computer, but find it's a bit pricey,

    consider a refurbished (a.k.a. Refurb) computer. These are

    usually ex-display goods or Minor returns (e.g. where there was a

    crack in the screen, so it was returned, the screen replaced, and

    put back on sale, but cannot technically be called new)

  • The Apple logo. That'll get you where you want, no matter where

    you want to go.

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