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Make something healthy for your family. Grilled salmon and vegetables, grilled chicken kababs, lettuce wrapped chicken with sauce, or turkey burgers.

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The best dinner someone could cook is home made chicken and dumplings, dressing, and mashed potatoes. It is a very good meal that everyone in your family will love.

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What should you make for your boyfriends 18 birthday?

you should take him out for dinner and give him a present

When should brandy be drunk during dinner or after dinner?

After dinner

What should you make for a birthday dinner?

the person who's birthday it is favorite meal

Should you make lasagne or curry for dinner?

curry try something different

How do you make rooster a best fighter?

You should train it a lot and make it a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner

What should you do to cheer your parents up when they always argue?

make a home-made dinner.

When you should take dinner?

we take dinner in night

What time should you eat dinner?

You should eat dinner at 6:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon.

If going out to dinner can guest pay for their own dinner?

If you consider the person a guest for dinner then you should offer to pay their bill as well. Often the guest; especially if they are visiting with you will take one or more persons out for dinner, their treat! If it's just a friend that has come to visit and you are going out to dinner and then somewhere else make it clear to them that each of you will pay for your own dinner.

Should you do sit ups and push ups before or after dinner?

after dinner

What should you make for dinner that would take 1 hour or less?

Well, since "should" implies "ought to", and dinner traditionally entails some sort of consumption, if it is your purpose to not harm yourself (which I assume it is ;) ), the only logical answer would be food.

What can you make for dinner?


What is the past tense for make?

The past tense for "make" is "made" I made dinner last night. you made dinner last week. she/he/they made dinner last weekend.

How do you make easy dinner?

There are many easy dinners. Pasta and sauce is a simple dinner, meatloaf and potatoes is an easy dinner. Grilled chicken and fish is simple and healthy to make.

What should be eaten for dinner?


What should you eat for your dinner?


What is an easy to make dinner?

Mac & Cheese if that is your thing but another easy to make dinner is frozen vegetables and chicken breasts

How do you make your mom make you dinner?

Ask ;D

Who should buy dinner guy or girl?

Guy and fyi guys if you make the girl pay your gonna get dumped i swear.

I found a piece of glass in a meatloaf dinner the size of a quarter. What should i do?

well if I were you I wouldn't eat the dinner! Then I would call the company and make them feel guilty and demand a refund like an old lady. ;D the number should be somewhere on the back...

How do you build dinner?

For the contract you cannot build dinner you must cook or make dinner! And for recipes you can buy one at a store or something!

When is the best time to eat dinner?

you should eat dinner at 7:30 or 8:00

What is a good dinner to prepare on Mother's day?

You should prepare whatever your mother's favorite dinner is.

After the engagement should the mother of the bride contact the mother of the groom?

The future bride and groom should have to make arrangements for the both of them to get together, like dinner or something like that.

How do you do somthing for Christmas for mum?

Hi, You should make her a nice hand made card or make her x mas dinner. I assure you she will like it. My mum did. Good Luck.