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Diesel, Buster, Willy, Bruce, Calvin, Spencer, Bill, Omar, Owen, Toby, Zeke, Nemo, Silver, Max, Bacchus, Romeo, Spruce, Scooter, Stanley, Jeremiah, Jackson, Russel


Isabella, Tina, Lilly, Molly, Lucy, Callie, Tessie, Dorothy, Sparkles, Mae, Sapphire, Tinkerbell, Pumpkin, Violet, Jayden, Jade, Annabelle, Maya, Jessie, Rose

The Best: Sable (because it literally means black)

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Black lab names?

A good name for a black lab is Shadow.That's what i named my black lab.

What should I name ny new black lab?

liquorish, or sable

What was the original name for the black lab?

Blackie ia the origanal name for a black lab.

You are a dog and your name is jasmine is that a good name for a black lab?

I think that sounds like a very cute name for a black lab.

What kind of toys can a black lab have?

I have a black lab. You should give them tennis balls and ropes.

How long should a full grown black lab be?

15 feet

What can you name your black lab?

Lucy blackie Spencer molly alex

What is the best black lab name?

The best black lab name should match the dogs personality or looks. It doesn't have to be specific. See what matches to you, looking at meanings, connections, etc. If it's something your dog likes and will come to and something you can agree with, then compromise. The dog is going to be your best friend. Don't deny it of a good name.

When was Black Lab created?

Black Lab was created in 1995.

What should you name your baby lab puppy?

It depends on the color of the lab. Like mine is a yellow lab and her name is Sandy because she looks like sand it suits her.

Should a white lab puppy have black rimmed eyes?

Yes, this is normal.

Can a black lab and chocolate lab have a yellow lab?


What is the Name of the cutest black lab in the world?

Shepp (in the movie George of the Jungle)

Has Bill Kaulitz got a dog?

Yeah a black lab name Scotty

Is smoky a good black lab puppie name?

Yes. So is "Shadow."

Scientific name for black lab - golden retriever mix?

A mutt

How often should you bathe a black lab?

If you are a very clean person, then you should clean any lab once a week. I would at least clean my lab about 2 times a month..... Dr. Proffess P. Canoberry

What is a goOd name for a MALE black lab and pitbull puppy mix?

I would name him Bruiser or Dozer

How you get a black lab on petz dogz pack?

You can breed a germanshepherd with a husky or A beagle and that should get u the lab if not just go to yahoo for the code

How much are black lab German Shepard mix?

Since they are mixed they should be free.

How much should your 5 month old female black lab weigh?

She should weigh about 25 lbs.

What is the most litters can a black lab have?

I got my black lab pup from a litter of 11

Who has best sense of smell a black lab yellow lab or a golden retreiver dog?


How much should your 5 year old black lab weigh?

65 to 75 lbs

What would be a good name for a very loving black lab?

Chocolate Kiss or Hershey Kiss

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