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well from my party i had some mini make-up palets,lipgloss,cool nail varnish and you could get some cheap jewelry from primark on sale or perhaps you could hit the charity shops for all different realy cheap jewelry, scarfs and bags and get some body spray at superdrug they do this mini one for 69p- perfect and dont forget haribows every party bag needs haribows and you could make buns that say your name and age with icing and if u have the money you could get your own tshirts like i dont know im with charlie or olivia's gleeks


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well when my daughter went to a cupcake party the goodie bags had a cupcake (of course), a pencil with a cupcake rubber, cupcake shaped bubbles and some sweets and cupcake colour nail polish.

edward action figures. theyre awesome. ________________________________ A candy apple. (the blood red, cinnamon kind)

you should place tea bags that are allowed to cool

maybe some bubbles because my 2 year old brother recentley had his party and we put in colouribg book, crayons,party glasses you know the ones with the funny eyes and bubbles and the kids loved them all

You can put Air in Air Shocks Not Air Bags

What you should put on an engagement party invitation really depends on what you like. If you have a theme in mind then that's what you'll put on the invitation. It's really up to you.

Cool rags, wrapped ice bags, try to get some aloe to put on it

Check out Here you will find ideas on how to make gift bags and many ideas on what to put inside the bags to give to the children.

you can put many types of goodies in Halloween gift bags. The obvious choice is candy. You can also include stickers, small toys, or baked goods.

three into each of the first three bags then put those three bags into the fourth bag.

What you do is put mantyke in your party and then put a feebas next to it and level up the mantyke and it should evolve. Put remoraid in your party not feebas.

we should do so to keep thor oue environment clean enough for future generation.

i am not really sure with this i think the answer is no

Okay, to have a party on Webkinz, you need to go to the Wshop and buy a party pack (you can find the party packs at the party pack section of the Wshop.). Once you buy a party pack, drag it into your Webkinz room and click on it. Once you click on it, it will ask you what prizes you want to put in the loot bags, what games you want to play at your party, who you want to invite, what design you want to put on the invitation and the date and time you want your party to be on. Hope that helped, and have a fun party on Webkinz:)

no some pinatas you have to buy the candy seperatly and then put it in no you have to buy it, but uasual they will carry pinata candy bags in party stores

Without some direction as to what the bags must contain, I can make as many bags as I want. I can make as many bags as I have bags. If I have to put at least one writing utensil in a bag, that's 60 bags. If I have to put one of each writing utensil in a bag, that's 12 bags.

to reduce a chance of injury due to air bags you should put your seat belt on. it reduces the risk because you would be held by something. have more precaution when thinking to not put your seat belt on

about 7 billion plastic bags go into landfill

Nothing unless you put something really heavy then it might tear.

13th amendment abolished slavery and much more. Abolished means put an end to.

Just put on the invitation that the party has vegetarian-only food.

Bags of treat for halloween typically consists of candy for guests you are having over for a party. Sometimes they can have candy or caramel apples as well but it can but full of whatever you want to make them with i have even seen people put toys in them before

You should have a Karaoke party and put the subtitles on Momma Mia video and have everyone sing along while they have Bahama Momma drinks.

Some great things to put in gift bags are suckers, baby bottle pops, mints and note pads with pends. You can order them online at or

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