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if it's a girl you like,then you should tell her in an indirect way how much she means to you or how you love spending time with her,for example tell her im really glad that we met,im glad that i got to know you better,girls like that kind of stuff.ask her what she is interested in,her hobbies,see if you have anything in common,you can talk about that,ask her about her love life,compliment her,that kind of stuff.oh and never interrupt her when she's speaking.other than that you should be okay just talking about what you like and what you dislike.make her feel like you care and that you are interested in.that should be good, and it should make her feel special. tell her that u like her (if u do)

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Q: What should you say to a girl on the phone?
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Is it good to say i love you to a girl on phone?

not really because if you say it on the phone that making a girl feel like you a punk or scared to say it in her face

What to say to a girl you like?

ok i like this girl an when im on the phone with her i dont know what to say

How do you impress a girl on phone?

just say i love you or say i fancy you

What kind of phone should a girl have?

A girl should have a phone of whatever they like, but it shouldnt be to guyish. If your a not a tom boy then you should have a girly phone. Such as a iphone, a choclate, ENV, any cool phones like that.

What do you say on the phone with a girl?

Ask them how they are and what they were up to , then it should open the conversation up a bit - show and interest in her likes and dislikes.

Should you give a girl your phone number on a note?

Yes, you can give a girl your phone number on a note and should she want to talk she can call you. If the girl wants your phone number a note is a clever way to pass it along to her.

When should a girl get a first phone?


How do you give a guy your phone number without freaking him out?

I'ma Girl. I know alot of things. 1st, ask him if he has a phone. If he does.. say, "You Should Text Me Sometime" Then mostlikely, he will say "ok, whats your number?" Simple as that. Hope this helped

What should i say when a girl say i hate you to a girl?

try to comfort the girl and tell her ur her friend

How do you say where are you girl in french?

Ou est-tu mademoiselle? (there should be an accent over the u in 'ou' but I'm on my phone and i can't type that in)

How do you get a girl to call you?

say your free and your really hot then take her phone number and say "call me"

If your girl is mad what should you say on the phone?

Talk to her, and ask her why she is mad. Try to cheer her up, but if you're the one who made her mad, then just apologize.

Should you ask a girl out over the phone?

NO. Ask me in person

When should a girl get a phone?

their birthday when they're in 6th grade

What should you say to a girl for asking him for friendship?

say yes

How should you say i love you to a girl?

complement her then say i love you

Is it good to say i love you on the phone to a girl?

If you mean it. I'm a girl, and I know I would appreciate it, but make sure that you would say it in person too.

Should you ask a girl for her phone number?

That depends. If you don't know here, then you probably should talk to her and get to know her first. If it's a girl you know, then it would be acceptable to ask her for her phone number.

How do you say What is up to a girl?

Say " I lost my phone number, can I have yours?" if you like her, but if she is a friend say " Hey. Anything new?"

How do you say smartphone in French?

we should say téléphone intelligent, but most French say smart phone (or even i-phone which is the French best-seller)

What should i do if i really like a girl and we were best friend and on the PHONE she says what am i supposed to do wait for you?

reply. say no, i love you. you mean everything to me. i don't want you to be hurt.

What should you say when a girl say she likes you?

You should say: "Me too," Remember, be calm and collective and listen to her properly!

If a girl says i love you in a text does it mean you can say it on the phone?

yah of course !

What would be cute to say to a girl?

i forgot my phone number can i borrow yours?

What should you Say If A Girl Ask you Why Should I Believe You?

dont say anything just RUN!