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You need to tell him where to go (in not so many words) this guy is not letting you move on, he dumps you and then keeps in contact with you? Is he trying to keep tabs on you or does he still like you. Call the shots her, say you appreciate his calls, and you don't want to be rude, but HE dumped YOU and you are trying to get on with life. Tell him you still like him (if you do) but his calling is upsetting you. If he likes you, he knows where you are, and can come and apologize or explain his dumping or he can move on too. This may seem harsh, but you need to move on, and this will be a wake up call to him - hopefully. Seems he may be having second thoughts about dumping you! I would play music full blast into the phone and hang up. Unless of course you like him calling then tell him your the boss now and you will decide if and when you want to see this parasite again. Dont let him call the shots. You got him right where you want him. Play it real cool. He sounds like a loser though and a waste of time. I would find a real man who knows what he wants. This guy sounds like a wimp.

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Q: What should you say to a guy who calls several times after dumping you just after a month of dating?
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