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You should not tell him anything, painful as it may seem, you're only hurting him more by bein ghis friend and 'presenting the illusion that he has a chance.' Tell him he's not worth it, and if it's in fate's cards, you will meet again in the distant future when he's over you. If you don't love him back, don't toy with him just because you don't have the guts to call it off. Obviously there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the way....

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Q: What should you say to your friend who told you he loves you but you only love him as a friend?
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Does momo love hitsugaya?

Momo loves Hitsugaya as his friend only.

Does the Doctor love Martha?

No. He only loves Martha as a friend, not a romantic interest.

What to do when in love with a married man?

I think you should vent to a friend. Think about what your chances are. Think about how he LOVES his wife, and betraying her would not only hurt her, but also the man you love.

Does Zuko love Katara?

Only as a friend, the thing that Zuko and Katara are in love is total fanfiction, Zuko loves Mai and Katara loves Aang.

When true friend said that he only make loves to you?

Friendship should not end in making love. Friends are like back bones providing hope, care, love, and so on.

How do I know if my friend loves me back?

The only way is if your friend admits that he is in love with you. And even then, he may lie in order to manipulate you.

What if Luke likes Dani but Dani loves Luke and Luke's Friend is in love with Dani?

This is a complicated love story...Obviously a few hearts are going to be broken over here... If Luke learns to LOVE dani then only his friend's heart will be broken! But if Luke only likes dani as a friend,then his friend should prbly wait a while for dani...! And then evry1s nearly happy

You love someone that only love you as a friend. should you wait for him?

tell him how you feel and then wait for his reaction.................. wait for her because she is my friend and he is my love.....................

What does a guy mean when he says he loves you but does not want to be with you?

Most likely that he only loves you as a friend, like you love your friends but you wouldn't date them, well he feels the same about you.

What do you do if you truly love your best guy friend but he still only loves his ex?

Don't be foolish. Walk away.

Do cuckolding men really love their wives?

Good friend, only a man who truly loves his wife can cuckold

What to do if you love your best friend but she only loves you as a friend How do you tell her that you love her?

Answer:when it comes to love , first you should tell him or her how you feel , never be shy when it comes to love , love is an awsome thing if you use it right , so next time you see her or him , march up and tell them how you feel,it might be the best thing you have ever done :P

What do you do when the girl loves you and she has a boyfriend?

You should have her break up with him but only if your sure you and her have true love!

Should you love the person who love you or the person you love?

hi u can only love a person,whome u is not mandatory to love someone who loves u.. it would be foolish to love someone just because he loves u. anyways it does happen in life.....but that's only adjustment.

Can you love someone who loves you romantically who you only see as a friend?

Yes. There are different types of love. Romantic or sexual love, love for a good friend, love of your children or family are all love but manifest in different ways. Unfortunately when two people feel a different form of love, it often results in hurt feelings to the one who loves romantically. Yes, u can love a person who loves u romantically but u see him as a friend. The point is that u should find out first that how much he/she loves u and is he/she true? If u know that one loves u very much and takes care of u then u can fall in love with one 'coz as it is said that to love a person whom u like is OK but u must love a person who likes/loves u, then u can be more happy with him/her 'coz he cares for u and who doesn't like to be cared and loved by someone?

Should you tell a friend who you love?

Only if you give them cookies first.

What do you do if you love your best friend who loves your other best friend but she doesnt love him back and he doesnt know you love him?

you just sit your 2 bestfriends down and tell them how you feel and settle the matter after all he is not the only boy in the world

Should I get married to my 22 year old boyfriend who is in the Army if I'm only 18?

I think you should if you truly love him and he loves you

Who does Amy the hedgehog love?

Amy Loves Sonic the Hedgehog! Amy plans to marry Sonic. But Sonic only likes Amy as a friend.

Is it true love if a boy who loves you flirts with another girl?

Of course not. It is fake love. A guy should only love you and no one else, unless he's grown tired of you. True love is true, not fake. He should love you and only you, except of course, family and friends.

What do you do if your best friend loves your other best friend more?

Love them both equally for otherwise you wouldn't be bestfriends. :) Realistically, there isn't much you can do. People will only love you for who you are. So, perhaps changing yourself would be a temporary solution.

Who does Deidara love in Naruto?

Deidara loves no one. He only loves his art.

Does ichigo loves ryou?

no she doesnt love him at all. she only loves masaya

Does grant love you?

no he only loves Nicole

Hes loves you will you love him back?

Only you can answer this.