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I'm not really sure but I think you need alot of maths & sciences.

Try to take the highest mathematic course you possibly can. Science courses such as Biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy & physiology are also great benefits to medicine.

It depends on the specialization of the one becoming a doctor. In high school, you should study every course to be qualified in a good university.

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Q: What should you study in high school or college if you want to become a doctor?
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What college should you go to to become a doctor?

You can basically go to any college to become a doctor.

Which subjects do you need to study at school to become a doctor?

If you want to become a medical doctor, you should major in biology or pre-med in college. To prepare for this, it is a good idea to take A.P. Biology in high school.

What high school graduation degree should you achieve to become a doctor?

There is no "degree" in high school. You complete your 4 years or you don't and at the end you get a diploma. To become a doctor you must attend college after high school and that is 12+ years of school for a medical degree.

What should you study in high school or college if you want to become a docter?


What college should you go to to become a plastic surgeon?

law school

What is the GPA you must have maintain your goals to have to become a doctor in college?

A B to A GPA should do it.

Is it harder to become a doctor if you have a family?

I suppose it can be at some times. Sometimes because you have to go to college for 4 years to learn about medicine and requirements. Then you have to go to medical school for about 8 years. Most of the time there is another school after medical school that you may take for about 3 years. But you can still become a doctor while you are in training, or learning. If you have a family, they should give you full encouragement and confidence. Being a doctor would be a very successful job that you should be proud of. So I say that at some points it is hard to become a doctor if you have a family.

What should you do after graduating from high school to become a registered nurse?

Go to college.

What question to ask a family doctor for school project?

You should ask him, what made him want to become a family doctor in the first place, and why become a family doctor, when you can become something better, with a better wage.

How can someone prepare to be a doctor?

GO TO COLLEGE!!! But you should also read books on medicine and doctorness. But u have to go to college for like, 8 years to become a certified doctor.

What college classes do you have to take to become a chef?

You should go to culinary school.

What college should you go to for hair school?

To become a Hair dresser you don't really go to college, it's a technical school. Check out Vidal Sasson

What should you study in high school or college if you want to become a pharmasist?

Medicine and economics.

What should you study in high school or college if you want to become a financial manager?

There are many things you could study in high school and college to become financial manager. You must study money and math for example.

What high school classes should you take to become a sports doctor?

you have to take cooking classes

What classes should I take to become an eye doctor in high school?

Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry

How many years does a associate medical examiner go to college?

How many years of college does this take to become? A medical examiner should be a doctor, but about an assistant?

What subjects required become child doctor?

To become a child doctor or pediatrician you first have to become a doctor. Following medical school you will have to do a minimum of 3 years residency in pediatrics (the babies and children unit of a medical school hospital). Recommended high school subjects are mathematics and science subjects like biology, physics and chemistry. Becoming a doctor is highly competitive and the prospective doctor should aim for excellent grades.

What courses should you take in high school to become a Hospital Administrator?

Take college prep classes because you will need to go to college and medical school to do this job.

What should you study in high school if you want to become a pediatrican?

The courses you take in high school don't really matter much when studying to become a pediatrician. It takes an additional 11 years of schooling after the completion of high school to become a pediatrician so you will have plenty of time to take required courses then. In high school you should focus on courses you like and that you can get good grades in. A good GPA will help you to get into a better college, which may make it easier to become a doctor.

IDid bad in high school but you want to become a lawyer. What steps should i take?

Get really good grades in college. High school will not matter as much as the college grades to get into law school.

What is need in school to become an artist?

you should go to a recruited art college and select your topic

If you have bad grades in high school and college wont let you do biology can you still become a Doctor?

Your question is a little confusing, if you are bad only in biology and you are a good student in other subjects then it should not be a problem.

Should you go to a trade school or college to become a nurse?

You should go to college to get a degree as a Registered nurse.The job is more interesting and you make more money.

What high school courses should you take to become a nurse?

High school courses don't matter, none of them will count in college.