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What should you study in high school or college if you want to become a pharmasist?


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Medicine and economics.


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To become a Hair dresser you don't really go to college, it's a technical school. Check out Vidal Sasson

There are many things you could study in high school and college to become financial manager. You must study money and math for example.

you should go to a recruited art college and select your topic

Take college prep classes because you will need to go to college and medical school to do this job.

You should go to college to get a degree as a Registered nurse.The job is more interesting and you make more money.

High school courses don't matter, none of them will count in college.

Get really good grades in college. High school will not matter as much as the college grades to get into law school.

The should be capitalized if you are referring to a specific school or college.

High School is not too important, but you should take college prep type courses. Coroners normally have a medical degree, so you need good college grades to get into medical school.

To become a nurse, you need to study nursing in a community college or four-year university. Studying biology and chemistry in high school will help you prepare for your nursing classes in college.

To become a college professor you have to be a master in whatever you will teach. You should have a Ph.D or Doctorate in the subject you are teaching. So if you are teaching Civil Engineering you should have a Ph.D and extensive experience to make yourself marketable to whatever school you want to teach for.

To become an ultrasound tech a trade school would be best for you. Trade schools specialize in jobs that are that limited in description making you a specialist.


Typical college preperatory course. Second language helpful.

You can basically go to any college to become a doctor.

To become a veterinarian at Texas A&M (or any vet school), you need to be accepted to the college or school of veterinary medicine and major in veterinary medicine.

Good grades through high school so that you can get into a reputable college. Good grades in college, preferrably pre-med major with lots of chemistry, biology and other science classes. After college, medical school, then specialize in whatever you want.

There is no "degree" in high school. You complete your 4 years or you don't and at the end you get a diploma. To become a doctor you must attend college after high school and that is 12+ years of school for a medical degree.

You should be in a regular college prep program. You should attempt to be involved in as many sports as possible.

If you want to become a medical doctor, you should major in biology or pre-med in college. To prepare for this, it is a good idea to take A.P. Biology in high school.

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