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You should tell him that you are aware of his feelings for you and if he really likes you then he should just embrace it and not worry about what other people think because he can never know if your the one for him and if he just ignores his feelings because his friends might make fun of him then he could miss out on the love of his life.

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Embarrassed to go out with a girl?

if you really like her it wouldn't matter. it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks. if you don't want to date her because your'e embarrassed, then you don't really like her. if you did it wouldn't matter.

When marriage is arranged for a younger couple what is the usual reason?

I really am not sure, does anyone else have the answer?

How do you tell your friend you like someone if you're embarrassed to say who?

Try not to be embarrassed and if you really like the person it doesn't matter what anyone thinks or feels if u like them and wanna be with them that's all that matters ya dig!

Will mindless behavior date anyone 2 years younger than them?

i really dount knw but i hope so

Do boys get really embarrassed at stuff like their penis?


Can you have a good sentence for blunder?

I was really embarrassed by my big blunder.

What is the difference between being embarrassed by someone and being embarrassed around someone?

Being embarrassed by someone would mean this: that specific person teased you and you feel really ashamed or embarrassed. If another female or male teased you around the other human we talked about, then you'd be embarrassed by that person and not the other one.

How can you tell a guy is embarrassed?

You can mainly tell that a guy is embarrassed when he is stuttering, his cheeks get really red, or he puts his head down or/and walks away.

Should you be embarrassed of your arm hairs?

Well, it's all about how you feel.I have really thick, dark hairs on my arms. I was embarrassed at first but, I bleach it and everything's okay.

What is the meaning for the idiom 'to turn red'?

It's not really an idiom -- when people are embarrassed they really do turn red.

How do you court or to express love to someone when you are really embarrassed to do it?

Don't be afraid, if you really love them then nothing will mater except him/her.

What is Selena Gomez real Instagram Password?

Are you really asking us on what her password is? Are you really that stupid? I'm embarrassed by you.

Why was Tigress embarrassed when Po hugged her?

She's not really embarrassed as you say…she is shock cause she hasn't received any affection from somebody, and po was just brave enough to show her that affection, and she doesn't really know how to react to it

Who is the youngest person to volunteer at the riding for the disabled?

anyone at any age can really help... if you know how to handle a horse well enough... i used to volunteer.. i was 13 then.. there are many younger kids... probably no younger then about 9 that i have heard of. hope this helps....

Is it true that if you dream of somebody they are thinking about you?

No, not really. It does mean that you are thinking of them.

What so you say when he asks you what your thinking?

tell them what your really thinking!

What if a girl blushes when she hugs you?

She's either embarrassed or really likes you. And don't worry, sometimes her being embarrassed is because she's shy, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Do you get any feelings when someone is thinking about you?

No you can't really feel anything if someone is thinking about you, unless you know there thinking of you and you yourself have a feeling about them or about them thinking of you. So really I myself would say no, sorry

Is kingdom hearts Sora and riku really lovers?

NO! Can boys not be friends without people thinking they're gay?! If Sora loves anyone it's Kairi, and if Riku loves anyone it's Xion! So hush!

Who has purchased a french bulldog from Parisfrenchies.webnode I am thinking about getting one of theirs I completely fell in love with his picture Did anyone have any problems?

Okay good :). I really fell in love with one of their puppies and am really wanting to get him!!

Why did you get embarrassed and said maybe when your boyfriend asked if you wanted to kiss when you REALLY want one?

to be cute

Is jj getting trooled?

i'm really concerned about jj getting embarrassed in front of everyone

Is it really true that nagisa is younger than hanon?

Yes nagisa is younger than hanon.

What does as red as a ripe tomato means?

embarrassed <- short answer. For example: His face was as red as a ripe tomato. It doesn't have to mean embarrassed, it could just mean that after sport, his sweaty face was as red as a ripe tomato or if somebody drank too much wine and his face was as red as a beetroot, you could say that.

Im 14 and I like a girl that is the same age but she looks about two years younger do you think this is kinda wrong?

No, i don't. Maybe she just looks younger to u not anyone else. And if people ask just tell them the truth and it doesn't matter if you really like her.