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Maybe he has morals and wants to wait until he's married. Ok, its me the one who wrote the question, it doesnt let me be specific, but he is always being very cute with me, touching me, doing things for me, hidden little things he says, jokes around alot about marrying me. He flirts alot, so i flirt back, as soon as i do, he says hey we are roomates remember, so why is it ok for him too do this stuff and not me? so when he did it again i said the same thing to him, we are roommates remember, and he says oh yeah i forgot, ur no fun, but 10 minutes later hes doing it again. Like singing parts of songs outloud and touching my arm when he does, tickling my chin or kissing my hand out of nowhere.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-12 08:13:29
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Q: What should you think if you have a male roommate and you've kissed but if you make a move he says you're just friends and he's not ready for a family but yet he flirts with you and confuses you?
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Does your male roommate like you if you cuddle together and enjoy each other and are best friends and understand each other in a deep spiritual way but he flirts with other girls?

Answer You said it. The two of you cuddle, are best friends can probably confide in most things, but he flirts with other girls because you are his best friend, not his girlfriend.

This guy flirts with me and he always flirts with the people i hang out with most all his and my friends tell me he likes me but I'm not really sure does he?

He probably likes you and is trying to make you jealous by flirting with your friends

I have this friend i knew for like a year and she told me she was a lesbian but i thought nothing about it but every so often she flirts with me then asks me to be her roommate what does that mean?

She wants you to be her lover.

How do you get your guy friend to ask you out when he flirts with you but says your just friends?

Lose weight.

When a guy flirts with your friends?

you have to try to put them together or else something bad will happen

What does it mean when a guy flirts with you and does it mean he likes me?

It means that he thinks your cute but wants to be friends.

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What does it mean when a guy friend only flirts with you when hes not around his friends and he only flirts with YOU?

When a guy only flirts with you, and doesn't flirt with you around his friends, he's probably trying to hide the fact that he likes you from his friends. Probably trying to avoid being teased. But yes, I did say likes, or even, loves you. Maybe he has outgrown and matured, seeing you more then just a friend now. Give it a shot, give him a chance, and good luck!

How do you know if a popular guy likes you secretly?

when his friends aren't around he talks to you and flirts with you. this means he likes you, but does not want to let his "popular" friends know.

What do you do when your friend flirts with your boyfriend?

Don't be friends with them. Simple as that if they are truly your friend they will respect you and your boyfriend and not get in the way of your relationship.

What do you do if your boyfriend says he really likes you but flirts with your best friends?

He is not acting like he respects you and I would call him on it.

What should you do if your friends crush flirts with you?

If your friends crush flirts with you it means he is interested in you and NOT your friend. If you tell your friend this make sure she is strong and can take a heart break. ( i have taken many heart breaks from 1 guy and i handled it so anyone can)

What do you do if you like this boy in middle school and he flirts with you but has a girlfriend?

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You like one of your really good friends and he told one of your friends that he doesn't like you but he always flirts with you what's going on?

that he might like u,but doesn't show it

What do you do when you friends boyfriend flirts with you and you like him?

I would tell my friend and realise that he is cheating on your friend if you are not good friends then be my guest and date him but if he cheats on your friend don't be shocked if he cheats on you to

How do you know if she is she is still interested?

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What is meant by verbal relationship?

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Why would a married man who flirts with me relentlessly just stare and ignore me when his wife and family are around?

Think. His wife and family are around. He doesn't want to get in trouble.

Who flirts the most in One Direction?

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How tall is Felicia Flirts?

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How can you be sure that a girl likes you if she flirts with other guys and you're friends but if you asked her out and she said no she would tell all of her girlfriends?

The girl proably likes you she just doesn't want you to know because shes not ready yet, or she reallylikes oneof your friends and just flirts with everyone else just to cover up the crush!

How do you know if he likes you if he flirts with other girls when you are there and what do you do when he flirts with others when you are there and when they are gone flirts with you?

He is probably just a flirt than... sorry :(

What does it mean when a girl flirts with your friends?

well assuming your a boy, the girl could not be interested in you and is simply interested in your friends. or playing hard to get, and wants you to feel jealous so you want her more

What do you do if your in a relationship and the guy is like flirting with all your friends?

My boyfriend can be the same way! Everybody flirts even if they are in a relationship. Flirting is fun! But if it really bothers you then talk to him about it. He shouldn't be flirting with your friends.