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The question is not what I think of the dork who has done those things, it is what do I think of the girl who puts up with him. The answer: Insecure, afraid that no one else will like her, and setting herself up to be hurt again and again. Dump this dork, and move on. There are many, many guys out there, and more than one of them will like you. (Or her, as the case may be.)

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What does encounter mean on whos dated whocom?

he cheated on you

Did Selena Gomez dated Jacob Black?

cheated on justin bieber

Can you take a prescription for aomicillin that is 14 months old?

you should never take out dated pills after the due date it

I dated this boy for3 years and he heard that i was cheating in him and it wasn't true do you think that we should get back together are should we just leave each other alone?

Since you guys dated for 3 years, he should trust you. But if he doesn't, (since you said you've never cheated on him), then he's not right 4 you, and I don't think that you to are meant to be together.

How many girls have eminem dated?

He's dated a lot of girls he even claims to have dated Mariah Carey for about 6 months.

What should I do about a bill from my medical center mailed 22 months after date of medical services?

You should send it back and ask them to give a fresh dated bill.

Matt hard dated any WWE divas?

Yes, he dated the WWE Diva Lita in 2001 for four years. She then cheated on him and went on to date WWE Superstar Edge. He also dated former diva Ashley Massaro I think.

How does one get over an ex-girlfriend that cheated on oneself?

To clarify, we dated for almost two years. She went out with this other guy one day before we broke up (date: Jan. 14; break up: Jan. 15). I only found out three months into their relationship that she cheated on me. She is still with the guy to this day, and I still have strong feelings for the girl.

What are the stories behind Taylor Swift's music?

all the songs were written about a boy drew. he was a senior while she was a freshman... they dated for a year after he had just broken up with a girl that he dated for longer. he cheated on Taylor with the other girl. she wrote Tim mcgraw out on a napkin and gave it to drew's mother (who still has it).... my really good friend went to high school with them

Is David Henrie in love with Lucy Hale?

yes, they dated for two years or more before he cheated on her with selena gomez.

How long did Dean Guyer and Lisa go out for?

They dated for 12 months (a year) and were engaged for about 3 months

When will the next update for minecraft xbox 360 edition be?

Probably in a couple of months but then again most games are up dated not so often as they should

Are Kevin Pearce and Ellery Hollingsworth dating?

They dated but have since broken up

Signs he has cheated?

* Hanging out with another girl * Avoiding you in almost every way * Not talking to you * You finding a note from your boyfriend has dated that girl

Has Justin Bieber ever dated a girl named Bethany?

yes they dated for 3 months. hhe is included in one of his songs

How long is a uk cheque valid?

Until six months after it is dated

What should you do when your high school sweetheart cheated on you should you give him a second chance?

If your high school sweetheart has never cheated before and you have sat down and discussed his cheating and he feels remorse then yes, give him a second chance. People are human and since you were high school sweethearts he may have felt he had not dated enough. This is something you are both going to have discuss and if he still feels as if he has missed out on dating other girls then it would best you both took a break from each other and both dated to be sure you both should have a future together.Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Does Zac Efron cheat on girls?

Zac cheated on his girlfriend but there was a girl who he never cheat on and they dated it for five whole years.He really loved her.

Can you get a divorce in Alberta if your husband has dated another woman?

Yes, you can file for divorce in Alberta or anywhere else in Canada if a husband has dated and cheated on his wife. The wife just has to seek legal counsel and serve her husband with divorce papers.

Why Doesn't Selena and Miiely Get Along?

isn't it because they both dated nick.. and nick cheated on Selena with miley? idunno just rumors or true..

What should i say to break up with a girl I've dated for months?

Tell her that you have been dating for a long time and that you have stopped liking her as much and you think that you should have some space and take a break from each other.

What should you text to a guy you dated 4 months ago which you had a fight with a month ago?

Well did you ever date this guy? Was he just a friend? Discuss how it made you feel and what bothered you.

Does an ex girlfriend really mean it when she says she doesn't miss you or love you anymore when you dated for 9 months lived with each other for 6 months and have been now broken up for 2 months?

Yea she could be over you it also depends on if you broke up with her or if she broke up with you. If you broke up with her then she probably still wants to be with you. If she broke up with you then she probably is over you.

You just found out that your ex boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend. i don't know what to do Should I still be friends with her?

Well she kissed and dated your boy. She hurt your feelings. No don't be her friend. She dated your boyfriend shes rude and mean and that's hurtful. I'd end relationshipo now and never be her friend again. Yes, I would end the relationship with both of them.

Is it right to start a business letter with Further with reference to your letter dated?

I think it should be: - Further to your letter dated ..... or We refer to your letter dated ....