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You are actually at a very good weight. The ideal weight would be anywhere between about 110 and 130 pounds.


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The ideal weight for a 16-year-old who is 5'3 should weigh about 115 pounds.

The ideal weight of a 5 year old is around 50 pounds.

A normal, healthy weight for a 13 year old averaged sized person should be in range from 105 pounds to 120 pounds.

Although it depends on the height of the child but I can give you an idea of calculating the average weight. If the child is 45 inches tall, his ideal weight should be 45 pounds, if he is 40 inches tall, his ideal weight should be 40 pounds. xx inches height = xx pounds weight

A healthy 11 year old should be 90 -120 pounds those who are a bit bigger should be at the fattest of 145 pounds but that really unhealthy!!!!!!

The ideal weight for a 43 year old man that is 6 feet 2 inches tall is about 202 pounds. A 43 year old in the Army should weigh 214 pounds at 6'2.

The ideal weight is 160 pounds for a 29 year old man that is 6''0 tall.

Only your doctor can tell you what is ideal for you.

The average weight of a 31-year-old woman is 155 pounds. The ideal body weight has a range that is between 129 pounds and 175 pounds.

The recommended weight range for a 14-year-old male that is 6 foot 2 inches is between 124 and 176 pounds. The ideal weight is calculated as 167 pounds.

Your ideal weight is between 118.4 and 159.4 pounds

The ideal weight for someone who's 5' 6" is 139 pounds but that's IDEAL. The average is from about 130 to about 145 pounds.

According to your height of 4' 9" your ideal healthy weight is 103 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 92 and 115 pounds.

The ideal weight of a 61 year old man who is 5' 3" tall is about 127 pounds.

An ideal weight does not vary with age. Search for "ideal weight calculator." Your answer is probably around 170 pounds.

It depends on your height. The ideal weight for a male who is 5 feet 3 inches is 132 pounds. You can calculate your weight from that.

the usual weight is 100 to 110 pounds.

130 pounds is the best adverage weight

Yes, that's in the ideal weight range for somebody that height and age.

In the United States, it is about 163 pounds. That is the average weight, not the ideal weight necessarily.

That is probably about 60 pounds over what he should be. I am 5'10" tall and my ideal weight is 153 pounds. See the school nurse. He/she should have a chart that will show you the best weight for a boy that tall.

The ideal body weight for a 6'3 tall 25 year is anywhere from 190-210 pounds.

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