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What shows up as heroin in a drug test?


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July 07, 2014 9:40PM

Heroin actually shows up as morphine in a drug test. ALL opiates, except for morphine which is already morphine, have morphine as their first-stage metabolite. You do heroin, it changes to morphine. Do codeine, it changes to morphine.

So...any drug that is an opiate shows up as "opiates." Poppy seeds used to do this, but they've adjusted the cutoff to the point you'd have to eat a pound of poppy seeds to come up hot on a drug test.
Heroin will show up as morphine in a drug test. There are some drug tests that are not specific for example all opiates come up the same. The test will not tell the difference between vicodin and heroin, it will come up the same. All heroin is morphine with an added chemicals to magnify its potency.