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What shows up on a phone bill?

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The content of a phone bill varies a lot. Most will show calls made, with number date and time, as well as digital connections, with data used and date and time.

Calls received and details about the data usage are not normally shown on your bill.

For example, if you visit a particular website on your phone, it will not show as the name of the site. It will just show that you used so much data at a particular time.

2011-09-22 17:40:00
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2021-06-06 11:26:16

does your call history show on phone bill

2021-06-06 11:26:16
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2021-06-06 17:05:34
Can you explain how you know?
2021-06-08 03:05:52
can you elaborate
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this is correct

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Q: What shows up on a phone bill?
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Related Questions

If someone calls you and you don't want their number to show up on your phone bill what do i do?

I have a land line (rather than a cell phone) and nobody's number who phones me shows up on my phone bill.

Does your cell phone bill tell what you look up on the browser?

No it does not, all the bill shows is the total amount of data that was accessed.

How does a blocked number show up on a cell phone bill?

It usually shows up as Blocked ID or Unavailable.

What comes up in a phone bill?

Different companies have different things show up on their bill. It is best to ask the server provider what shows on their bills.

When you hide your phone number the number you dial shows up on my cell phone bill?

Yes that is true. BTW that is not a question it is a statement

What does it mean when a number with all zeros shows up on cell phone bill?

it means that the police are tracing your number in order to locate you/your phone by downloading a small software patch to you phone

Does Skype chatting show up on your phone bill?

Skype chatting like video does not show up on the normal phone bill. If you call a contacts cell phone from your account on skype and you do not have credit it will not go through. If you have credit, it will show up on your phone bill. But regular videos chats do not show up on your phone bill.

Will websites show up on your phone bill?

It can if your parents request that they see on the phone bill.

Can you call someone but when it shows up on your bill it would show your number not the person you called almost like you called your own phone?

Not possible.

What does it mean when your cell phone bill shows calls as an incoming call?

An incoming call is a phone you that you receive when someone calls your phone.

What does it mean when your own cell number shows up on your cell phone bill?

For many, it shows up that way when they call to retrieve their voice mail messages. On some phones, it's also a setting you can turn on or off.

Do websites you visit on your phone show up on your phone bill?

It matters on your situation, but for most people no. If they showed every website it would cost a lot, for example the iPhone had 50 page bills and they charge extra to get detailed phone bill now. There may be an option to not include, but usually it shows most of them. I don't believe it shows repeats though.

Why does this number show on your phone bill 42947?

The number 42947 that shows on your phone bill appears to be from a mobile alert service. Customers are usually charged for receiving these texts.

Do websites you go on your phone show up in the phone bill?


When I make a private call from my cell phone would the number dialed show up on my phone bill?

yes it will show up on your bill is your dial numbers come on your bill.

How does a pay phone show up on a bill?

if it is a pay as u go phone it doesn't but a pay phone for a bill will be sent to u individually

Does bsnl lane line phone bill shows incoming calls?

It's rare for any phone bill to show incoming calls - the purpose of the bill is to charge you for outgoing calls ! If my bill listed all my incoming calls - the phone company would need a forklift to deliver it !

Does textnow show up on your phone bill?


How do you hide outgoing calls from your cell phone bill?

There is no way to hide outgoing calls from your cell phone bill. Itemized billing shows calls, MMS, SMS and GPRS activity on your phone with date, time, duration and cost.

Do blocked numbers show up on a phone bill?


Do the sites you visit show up on your phone bill?

Sites will not show up on your phone bills but the dates used will.

How can I track phone calls on a cell phone?

To track calls you can use the 'Cell tracker' App for Andriod but if your son doesn't have an Andriod phone you can call his network provider/cell phone company and ask for a copy of the bill. The bill shows exactly who he has been calling.

Do websites you go on your phone via WiFi show up in the phone bill?


When you download a free app from android market does it show up on the bill?

no,you will get bill on your phone

Can Unanswered cell phone calls show up on a phone bill?

No because it's not wasting up any minutes