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Lexapro is an ANTIDEPRESSENT. Alcohol is a DEPRESSENT. Therefor, the Lexapro may not work as intended when mixed with alcohol. ALSO any medicaton you take passes through your liver, as does alcohol. So in the long run, you could "overwork" your liver and cause liver problems. Ask your prescribing physician or if you are uncomfortable doing that, next time you pick up your prescription, ask the pharmacist about special precautions. They are pretty knowledgeable.

3rd party edit: Not the same kind of depression. The opposite of a depressant is a stimulant, which lexapro is not. The liver thing is true though. Also, my personal experience is that I get drunk faster while on Lexapro.

AnswerIn addition to the above, from my experience even small amounts of alcohol consumed while on Lexapro made me feel "weird" in a nonspecific but very disconcerting way. It would produce a moderate anxiety and lightheadedness. I could best describe it as being similar to a bad hangover minus the nausea. While some people are apparently able to drink while taking it, there's a good reason the pharmacy puts one of those "do not drink alcohol" warnings on this stuff.
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Q: What side effects can occur if you drink alcohol with lexapro?
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Yes, a person can drink beer while taking the antibiotic Augmentin. However, there could be side effects to occur. Always speak with your doctor if you are concerned about any medicines.

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