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What side of the field does the home baseball team typically sit on?

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3rd base dug out.

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What side of the field do home baseball fans sit?

There is no designated area where the home fans sit. They sit on all sides of the baseball field. There are usually many, many more home fans than visitor fans at a baseball game. The visitor fans also may sit anywhere in the stadium.

Where would the Cubs Baseball game be played if it was played at home?

The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team from Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Cubs' home field is Wrigley Stadium, which is located on the north side of the city.

How did the expression 'out of left field' come about?

That expression came about around 1947, and is related to America's great pastime, baseball. "Left field" is the left side of a baseball field, looking out from home plate. David Wilton states that the expression probably came into being from the idea that a ball fielded from left field was unlikely to be thrown to home plate in time to put a runner out. [Link below.]

What side of the field does home team stand on in football?

WEST, generally

What side of the field is the orioles home dugout?

First base line

What side of the field is home dugout on?

There is no rule that states the home dugout needs to be on a particular side. This is completely up to the owners/management of the team

What side is the home team bench in the nba when facing the court?

Typically the home team sits on the left bench.

Home field side for Oakland Raiders?

The home field for the Oakland Raiders football team is Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The field is located at 7000 Coliseum Way in Oakland.

What baseball stadiums are close to cellular field?

Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play, is across town on the North Side.

What side of the rink does the home hockey team typically sit on?

home team sits on the left away team sits on the riht

The playing field is divided into 2 fields what are they?

the home teams side and the away side, at each quarter they switch sides

Why in baseball do they call it the dugout?

Because when they form it, they usually have it dug out of the ground on the side of the baseball field, hence the term "Dugout".

Which was the home team dugout at old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh?

Third base side

What is the layout of a softball field?

Softball Field LayoutA softball field is the same as a baseball field. They're practically the same sport. They have a few minor differences like how they pitch and how big the ball is, but they're almost the same. The fields are different because unlike a baseball field, a softball field has no grass in the infield. the softball field mound will be closer than a baseball field mound.the softball field is in a diamond shape with 3bases and a home plate at the corner inside the diamond is all sand and behind the bases there is also some sand after the sand there is an outfield which is all grass.there is also 2 fowl line that go from the left and right side corners of the home plate to the fence in the outfield (usually).-k1956

Where are the best seats for a baseball game?

Generally on the right side of the field past first base.

What side is the home team dugout at legends now g steinbrenner field?

third base

Where in the stadium do the Philadelphia Eagles enter Lincoln Financial field?

The right corner of the home side

What side of the field do the cubs sit on at Wrigley field?

Third Base Side of Field

What side is the visitors side at a baseball stadium?

It varies. There is no "official" dugout for visitors or home teams in baseball. It is decided by the team who calls the stadium home. In NCAA baseball playoffs, the visitors occupy the 3rd base dugout no matter where the game is played.

How many square feet are in a baseball field?

A baseball infield is 90ft on a side. Thus the square feet of the infield is 90 x 90 = 8100 square feet. The square feet of the entire playing field, infield and outfield, varies. Every baseball field has slightly different dimensions. So any answer for the square feet of a baseball field would have to be an average of all baseball fields surveyed.

What is a boundary corner in football?

The boundary corner is the corner lined up to the short side of the field. The short side of the field is the side of the field closer to the hashmarks where the ball is placed. The field corner plays the wider side of the field.

What a team often does if it doesn't make a first down on the third attempt?

Punts if it isn't close enough for a field goal attempt or it goes for the 1st down typically if they are in the opponents side of the field but too far for a field goal attempt.

What is pulling the ball in baseball?

'Pulling the ball' is a term used with hitting and is when a right handed batter hits a ball to the left side of the field or a left handed batter hits a ball to the right side of the field.

Why is the New York Yankees dugout on the first base side of the field?

Because the first base side is usually the home team side. Since the Yanks are always the home team at Yankee stadium, that's where they put the dug out. :-)

How many fielders are on one side in Major League baseball?

Left field, right field, center field, first base, second base, third base, catcher, shortstop, pitcher