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The first base side of the field.


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The Red Sox home dugout in Fenway Park is located along the First baseline.

The Mets' dugout at Citi Field is on the first base side.

The Atlanta Braves dugout is on the 1st base side of the field.

The visitor's dugout is located on the First Base side of the diamond.

There is no rule that states the home dugout needs to be on a particular side. This is completely up to the owners/management of the team

Because when they form it, they usually have it dug out of the ground on the side of the baseball field, hence the term "Dugout".

The Royals' home dugout is on the first base side.

the first base side dugout is the oriole's.

If your standing on home plate looking towards the pitchers mound, the Red Sox dugout is on the right side.

The dugout on the first base side is always home no matter what league you are in.

The St Louis Cardinals' Dugout is on the First Base side. Visitors are on the third base side.

The Yankees, at home, always use the dugout on the first base side.

The Yankees dugout is located on the first base side of the new Yankee Stadium.

Comiskey Park or White Sox Park on Chicago's South Side was built in 1910 and when it was demolished after the 1990 season in favor of "new Comiskey Park", now U.S. Cellular Field it was the OLDEST baseball stadium in the world (once known as the 'Baseball Palace of the World')AnswerFenway Park was opened in 1912 and Wrigley Field opened in 1914 although the Cubs first year at Wrigley was 1916.

Because the first base side is usually the home team side. Since the Yanks are always the home team at Yankee stadium, that's where they put the dug out. :-)

The Yankees always sit in the dugout on the first base side of Yankee Stadium.

Along the Third Base Line

Yes several teams do. The Red Sox dugout is and always has been on the first base side to name one.

There is no official dugout for home teams and/or visiting teams in professional baseball. Each ball park is different with the home team dugout pre-determined. The dugouts are usually connected to the team's locker rooms, which are also pre-determined. In other words, the home team dugout may be on the first base side in some stadiums, or on the third base side in others. In amateur ball, such as Little League, etc., the league rules usually designates which dugout is to be occupied by the designated home team and which will be occupied by the designated visiting team.

The second West Side Park between 1894-1915. The Cubs moved into Wrigley Field, at the time known as Weeghman Park, in 1916.

Area dug out on the side of the trench.

The oldest ballpark in MLB history is Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, built in 1912. (the opening of Fenway Park was overshadowed by the tragic sinking of the Titanic.) It is currently the oldest ballpark in the MLB (as of 2010). Fenway Park is known nation wide for its "green monster," or the giant green wall in left field. As of June 13, 2009, Fenway Park has been up and running for 97 years.Until 1990 Chicago White Sox' Comiskey Park (briefly known as 'the baseball palace of the world') was the oldest baseball stadium in the world. It was built in 1910 on Chicago's South Side. However Comiskey Park was torn down in 1990 in favor of building the 'New Comiskey Park' (currently known as U.S. Cellular Field. or simply, 'The Cell')The next oldest park in baseball belongs to the Chicago Cubs. Wrigley Field was built on Chicago's North Side in 1914. Most people regard it as a dilapidated, decaying and deteriorated dump of a "stadium" and feel that it should have been torn down decades ago. Wrigley Field didn't even get lights for night games until 1988, some 60 plus years after everyone else started using them. The Cubs haven't won a World Series title in over a century (102 years). This is the longest drought for any professional Sports team in history. Wrigley Field is cherished for its old fashioned history, green green grass, (not turf) original Ivy, and the preservation of its roots. Improvements have been made over the years, reluctantly, infringing on the sentimentality of the fans who pack this particular field, (to capacity) win or lose, rain or shine.

The Cubs moved from West Side Park II to Wrigley Field for the 1916 season.

A dugout in WWI is an area dug out on the side of the trench. It provided cover but was mostly used for sleeping in. Higher ranks got larger, more protective dugouts.

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