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What side was Australia on in World War I?

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Australia was on the same side as the mother country, Britain, and fought under British command.

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Whose side was Australia on in world war 1?

Allies for both World Wars.

Did the Australia win the World War 2?

Australia was on the winning side, and contributed a lot to the victory, along with the many nations who were on her side.

Did Australia win in world war 1?

Australian troops were on the winning side

Whose side were Australia on in world war 1?

On the side of the allies. The enemy was called the "central powers."

Was Australia allianced with Britain in world war 1?

Yes. As a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, Australia was bound to join the war when Britain did and on Britain's side.

What was the next war after World War 2 in which Australia was developed?

The war after world war 2 in which Australia participated was the Korean war.

Which side did New Zealand fought for in World War 1?

The NZ fought in the British Empire and with Australia.

Australia joins the First World War?

Australia joined the first world war in 1914

Did Australia win World war 2?

Australia is one of the country's that won World war @

Where was the World War 1 in Australia?

World War 1 was not fought in Australia. It was fought mostly in Europe.

Why has Australia had a war?

Australia has not had a war. The country has been involved with other wars around the world, but Australia has not had a civil war.

What was the social impact of World War 2 on Australia?

What was the social and cultural impact on Australia in World War 2?

Who lead Australia in World War 2?

Robert Menzies was the Prime Minister of Australia in World War 2

When was Australia in World War I?

When Great Britain declared war on Germany, it also meant that Australia was in the war

How has Australia changed since world war 1?

Australia started disliking Hitler after world war one but more disliking happened in world war two.

What year was World War 1 in Australia?

World War 1 occurred in Australia in the same years as elsewhere in the world - from 1914 to 1918.

New zealand in world war 2?

New Zealand Faught alongside Australia During WW2 on the side of the British.

Which war did Australia fight in turkey?

World War I

Was there a militaristic ethos in Australia before World War 1?

Australian forces had by this time already served in the Boer war in south Africa on the side of the British.

Why did the Japanese attack Sydney Harbor in World War 2?

Australia was in the war on the side of the Allies, making them the enemies of the Japanese, who were trying to gain control of Asia.

Why was Australia in World War I?

Australia was part of World War 1 because of Britain. Britain made an ally with Australia before WW1 started and Australia was part of the British empire.

What pistol did Australia use in world war 1?

australia wasn't in that war it was europe,canada and the us who was in that war.

Why was Australia involved in both world wars?

Australia was part of the British Empire and the British Empire was in world war 1 and world war 2

Why Australis joined World War 2 in the side of Allies?

I'm guessing your question is meant to say: "Why did Australia join World War 2 on the side of the Allies?" Australia joined the Allies became the Empire of Japan was taking large amounts of territory in the Pacific. Due to this, the Australians became concerned and entered WW2

In World War 2 did Australia side with axis or allies?

Australia fought on the side of the Allies. Thanks to her British colonial history, she retained close links with Britain and placed men, ships, and planes at Britain's disposal. Australians served bravely in all theaters of war.