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generally, on the sides of the countries they were colonies of

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Q: What sides were the countries in North Africa on during World War 2?
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Who were countries that were your enemies during world war 2?

European countries vs Asia and Africa .

What was the religion of North Africa during World War 2?


When did European countries invade North Africa?

Between 1881 and World War I in 1914.

Where did France fight during World War 1?

North Africa/Europe

Who was the Nazi General in North Africa during World War 2?


What North African countries were occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Basically French North Africa was controlled by Vichy a German puppet. A lot of fighting took place in Italian North Africa and into Eygpt - then a British puppet. No actual countries were "Occupied" as such. Modern countries formed from or including bits of these areas are - Algeria, Tunisa, Libya and Eygpt (obviously)

Who was president of Africa during world war 2?

Not to sound cynical; however, Africa is a continent full of countries. There was no single president over Africa during WWII.

Is Morocco one of the hottest countries in the world?

nop, but it is fairly hot the hottest countries in north Africa are libya and Tunisia

How much countries are there in earth?

There are European, Asian, South American, North American, South Africa. There are somuch countries in the world

Which 3 countries in the world have the largest land areas?

north America soviet union Africa

How many people lived during war world II North Africa?


What was the importance of North Africa during World War 2?

oil and control of the mediteranean

How many Americans were killed in north Africa during World War 2?


Where was Erwin Rommel stationed during World War 2?

North Africa - Normandy .

What were the main countries being attacked during the world war 2?

Im not sure what countries exactly , but WW2 pretty much began when Germany invaded Poland. the main countries were england,Poland,Russia,France,and north Africa in the beginning of world war 2.

List of world regions along with the countries in them?

There are eight regions in the world. The first is Asia, with 27 countries. The next is the Middle East, North Africa, and Greater Arabia, with 23 countries. The next is Europe, with 48 countries. The next is North America, with 3 countries. The next is Central America and the Caribbean, with 20 countries. The next is South America, with 12 countries. The last is Sub Saharan Africa, with 48 countries.

What did the british not want to lose in North Africa during the world war 2?

Oil supplies.

Who was a British tank commander in North Africa during World War 2?

B. Montgomery

What was the name of Rommel's famous army in North Africa during world war II?


When did Erwin Rommel arrive in north Africa during World War 2?

Erwin Rommel arrived in North Africa as the head of the Afrika Korps in early 1941.

What was Africa's role in World War 2?

Most African countries did not participate in World War II. However, some of the early portion of the war was waged in North Africa.

What is the biggest event that happend in Europe and North Africa during World War 2?

The largest event in Europe was the Russian Front; the largest event in North Africa were the Mediterranean Sea naval battles supporting North Africa.

What are the countries above equator?

All of Europe, Asia, North and Central America, and parts of Africa are above the equator. This includes the majority of the world's countries.

What kind of land makes up North Africa?

Deserts make up the land in North Africa. The land is dry and uninhabitable. However, it is full of oil, which the countries throughout the world want.

Who first invaded the northern countries of Africa in world war 2?

The first invaders of North Africa in WW2 were the US. German came shortly afterwards.