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Required Signage Around a PoolGenerally just an oxidizer sign is required on a pump house or chemical storage. Your local fire department will be happy to help with that, since it's those guys who need to know what you have in the way of chemicals stored (your chemical supplier should know where to get what you need). As for pool rules and safety signs around a pool, your county health department will help with that. Your insurance company may help as well. A lot depends on if your pool has a diving well, or if it is a shallow pool (no diving). Some areas require a no-lifeguard sign if there is none. Some require the pool be marked all the way around with depth markers. Still others want pool operating hours posted, and where someone could find an emergency telephone, and life saving equipment like life rings and Shepard hooks.

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  • There are signs that must be posted and there are optional signs. Mandatory signs include ones from state or local health departments. You can visit Nations Swimming Pool Foundations (NSPF) web site to pull up state guidelines. Typically you need signs that comply with "state" rules. The most common signs is the general pool rules sign. Most states require: No Lifeguard, pool capacity, emergency use only, please shower before entering pool, no glass, caution no diving, emergency phone signs. Good optional signs are: no running, solo bathing prohibited, danger chemical storage area. Too many signs can pose a problem because the patrons came to swim, not read a million signs. If you post signs with special rules you must enforce the rules or the signs will pose little value if you ever have to go to court.
  • This sign is required: "Welcome to our ool. Notice there is no "P" in "our ool", please keep it that way."
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Q: What signs need to be posted around a pool?
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Are there smoking regulations around condo pool?

Read your governing documents, or better, signs around the pool area. If no smoking is allowed around the pool, then signs are probably posted to reflect this rule. It is important that owners advise their tenants and guests of these kinds of rules.

Name a rule that's often posted near a swimming pool?

No pooping in pool, no running around pool, and no diving depending on how deep it is.

What is around a pool?

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Do you need a fence around a pool?

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What does posted as in POSTED no trespassing mean?

POSTED, in this sense, means "publicly announced". Like the posted rules at a public swimming pool, or the posted speed limit.

When do you need fence around swimming pool in Columbus Ohio pool?

All municipalities have fencing codes!

Do you need a fence around your pool if you live in the country?


Can a gunite pool be freestanding does the soil around the pool need to be suitable to hold back the walls of the pool?

A gunite pool can be freestanding and does not need earth around it as additional support. The construction of the pool is more involved with generally a thickness increase from 8" to 12" along with the addition of a secondary grid of steel in the pool. The engineering drawings for the pool will cover these additional details of construction.

Pool Equipment?

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Do ferrets need to be walked?

Yes they do. Unless you have a huge pool in which they can play around in.

How do you fix a pool if the slab of cement around the pool is sinking?

First, you need to find and fix the leak that is causing the deck to heave.

What should you do if your winter pool cover flaps in the wind even though the cover is tied down?

You need to have a windbreak around the pool.

Do you need to know area or perimeter for building a fence around a pool?

yes ,becaus you need to know how much fence you need

How is safety in a public pool maintained?

All pools are required to have a minimum number of lifeguards on duty, to check whether anyone is in trouble and help out if so. Recommendations on where to swim in the pool (or which pool - like sticking to the shallow end for younger or less experienced swimmers) are also often posted, and most have warning signs telling people not to run, not to dive onto others, etc.

Why does your barracuda works but doesnt move around the pool?

your could need a new diaphragm or your suction could be to high and it is sucked to the floor of the pool

How can find the report for the indoor public pool temperature?

Sometimes it is posted or written on a whiteboard beside the pool. Check with your local swim area.

Do you need a fence around an above ground swimming pool?

That varies city by city. Some places require you to have a fence either around your yard, or around your pool, while others do not. Check with city ordinances.

Need to find a gfci pool outlet?

Do you need to find the outlet at a hardware store, electrical store or around your pool area? At your pool area - GFCI's can sometimes be found around the pool equipment pad. Sometimes they are located just off the deep end of the pool at the edge of the deck straight back from the pool light if your pool has a light. However these fixtures do not have any access to an outlet. It is usually just a GFCI fixture. GFCI's can sometimes be found in shrubbery surrounding the pool. You just have to hunt for it in those locations. And there are the instances where no GFCI is provided. There may also be a GFCI in the circuit breaker box but this one will not have an outlet. What is your need for an outlet? If you have a pool light that does not have a GFCI in the system you then need to call a qualified swimming pool electrician or a qualified pool tech to install one. There are special requirements for this application.K

What is a skimmer pool?

Skimmer pool is a pool with side skimmers around

Do you need a fence around a blow up pool?

Yes, depending on how deep the pool is and how tall it is. Call your city before purchasing a pool. We bought our kids a 3.5 foot pool to find out we weren't aloud to have one without a fence.

Can you put shock in your pool if the pump isn't working?

It may kill the algae but the algae needs to be filtered or the pool will remain green and cloudy You need to dissolve the chlorine and pour around the pool then brush the pool in order to not damage your plaster. This will help get the chlorine throughout the pool.

Do you need a pool alarm for a soft round pool?


Do you need a fence around your pool to get insurance?

Many insurance companies will require at least a 4 foot locking fence around the pool. Even if the company decides to write they policy, they may exclude liability coverage due to the pool being onthe property. Read you.r policy carefully and shop around.

How do you work out what size pool balls do you need?

You can work out what size pool balls you need as it is a third of the circumference of the pocket on your pool table the table

Do you need a permit for a pool?

You need a permit to build one in most populated areas. You need a permit to run a public pool. You don't need a permit to operate a private home swimming pool.