What signs need to be posted around a pool?

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Required Signage Around a PoolGenerally just an oxidizer sign is required on a pump house or chemical storage. Your local fire department will be happy to help with that, since it's those guys who need to know what you have in the way of chemicals stored (your chemical supplier should know where to get what you need). As for pool rules and safety signs around a pool, your county health department will help with that. Your insurance company may help as well. A lot depends on if your pool has a diving well, or if it is a shallow pool (no diving). Some areas require a no-lifeguard sign if there is none. Some require the pool be marked all the way around with depth markers. Still others want pool operating hours posted, and where someone could find an emergency telephone, and life saving equipment like life rings and Shepard hooks.

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  • There are signs that must be posted and there are optional signs. Mandatory signs include ones from state or local health departments. You can visit Nations Swimming Pool Foundations (NSPF) web site to pull up state guidelines. Typically you need signs that comply with "state" rules. The most common signs is the general pool rules sign. Most states require: No Lifeguard, pool capacity, emergency use only, please shower before entering pool, no glass, caution no diving, emergency phone signs. Good optional signs are: no running, solo bathing prohibited, danger chemical storage area. Too many signs can pose a problem because the patrons came to swim, not read a million signs. If you post signs with special rules you must enforce the rules or the signs will pose little value if you ever have to go to court.
  • This sign is required: "Welcome to our ool. Notice there is no "P" in "our ool", please keep it that way."
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Q: What signs need to be posted around a pool?
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