What size are all the speakers that come with the infintity gold audio system in a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee limited?

While I can't tell you exactly what size each speaker is I can direct you to this website for additional help: http://www.crutchfield.com Go to car audio there, type in your make and model, and you will see an array of available speakers to fit in all the locations that the Infinity Gold system provides. You can also call their help number and they will happily provide you with exact answers to your questions. While it may sound like I work for Crutchfield I don't but I have bought several things from them and they are very knowledgable, easy to get on the phone, and make it VERY easy to upgrade your audio. ADDITION>>> The infinity Gold system uses outboard power amps, you will find the reaer speaker amp under your driver side rear seat. Be very careful when replacing speakers on this system. While Crutchfield is without a doubt one of the best system suppliers there is, make NO ASSUMPTIONS, or you risk repeated speaker replacement.