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Veins are smaller than arteries because arteries need to withstand pressure. Capillaries are about half the size as veins.

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How do veins arteries and capillaries compared in size within diameter?

arteries are the biggest and capilleries are small,but veins are the same size range with arteries

Are walls of veins thicker than the walls of arteries of tthe same size?

walls of veins are always thinner than those of arteries

What are the histological differences between artery and vein?

The tunica media of arteries is larger than that of veins of same size.The tunica adventitia is larger in veins than arteries of same size.

Is the artery the same size as your vein?

Arteries and veins can be different sizes, because large arteries branch into smaller arteries, which branch into capillaries. These capillaries branch into small veins, which branch into large veins. So yes, they can be (and usually are) the same size if (I am surmising this) they are the same distance from the capillaries.

What is the difference in appearance between veins and arteries?

The appearance of veins and arteries are nearly identical except the size. An artery is much thicker or wider than a vein due to the musculature within the arteries.

What are 2 differences between veins and arteries?

Veins are muscular, arteries are not. Veins are designed to collapse (when empty), arteries are not.

What arteries and veins serve the kidney?

the renal arteries and veins

What is the order of the following venules capillaries arteries veins and arterioles?

well if you are mean the size arteries, veins, venules, areteries then capilaries if you mean from the heart ateries, artoriols, capilaries, venules then veins enjoy

What do arteries and veins drain?

Arteries drain (pump blood) into veins. Veins drain into your lungs and heart to be re-oxygenated. (This is not true for veins and arteries to and from your lungs.)

Which one is bigger arteries or veins?

Veins are bigger than arteries.

Can you distinguish coronary arteries and veins?

can you distinguish coronary arteries and veins

Are arteries thinner than veins?

No. Arteries are thicker than veins.

What material surrounds veins and arteries?

Cellulose is what surronds veins and arteries.

Compare and contrast veins and arteries?

Veins and arteries both transport blood. Veins transports blood back to the heart while arteries transports it away. Veins are also much larger then arteries.

What is the purpose of coronary arteries and veins?

The purpose of arteries and veins is that arteries pumps blood to the heart and the veins carry blood away from the heart.

Does veins or arteries have oxygen?

Technically, yes, all arteries and veins contain oxygen, since blood is in your arteries and veins, and blood has oxygen.

What is the difference about pulmonary arteries and veins?

arteries have oxygenated blood and veins have oxygenated blood

What system do the arteries and veins belong to?

Arteries and veins belong to the cardiovascular system.

Do veins and arteries contain valves?

Yes and no. Veins do contain valves, but arteries do not.

What does the capillaries do for the veins and arteries?

Carries the blood to the skin and back to the arteries and veins

What is a small tube that connects arteries to veins?

The capillaries connect arteries to veins.

What is the difference between muscle in veins and arteries?

Thee difference between muscle in veins and arteries is that muscles of arteries are thicker compared to those of veins.

Which best describes arteries and veins?

Arteries and veins are blood vessels. Arteries carry blood away from the heart, and veins carry blood to the heart.

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