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The bolt heads require a 12mm/ 12 point socket.

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Q: What size bolt head is in a 2WD rear drive shaft on rear-end pinion yoke of a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT?
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How serious is a front pinion leak in a 98 Ford Explorer and is it hard to fix?

Front pinion. So you have 4wd. Its not the end of the world. Remove drive shaft. Bolts in the middle. Then remove the pinion seal. It will definitly suck on your back. Try to find a lift.

How do you replace the pinion seal on the rear end of a 1970 Chevelle?

Best left to a mechanic as the drive shaft has to come down and the big nut on the pinion gear that holds the drive shaft mount has to come off and then you can install the new pinion seal.

How do you remove an axle bearing on a 2003 ford crown Victoria?

If you are talking about the rear axle bearing you have to open cover on rearend ( differential) You`ll see a small bolt on pinion gear shaft. Remove it. You mave have to put vehicle in nuetral to turn rearend gears to slide pinion gear shaft out of the way.There are 2 c-clip like things that slide out. This will allow axle`s to slide out of rearend. Now you have to go to auto-zone or wherever and rent a bearing puller to remove bearing from rearend.

How do you replace the pinion shaft seal on your F-350 dually?

to replace pinion shaft seal you need to drop the drive shaft from the rear end then with large socket remove pinion nut from front of yoke remove yoke remove old pinion seal install new pinion seal reinstall yoke and pinion nut to specified torque re install drive shaft note now is the time to check and see if U-joints need replacing

What is a pinion?

A pinion is a grooved gear that attaches to the drive shaft of a vehicle. This is a major component in the steering and suspension system of a vehicle.

How do you replace the pinion seal on the rear end of a 97 Expedition?

remove drive shaft. remove large nut on pinion . using a puller, remove yoke from pinion.remove pinion seal. install new pinion seal.replace yoke. install NEW pinion nut,to correct torque specs. reinstall drive shaft.PS now is a good time to replace U-joints while u have drive shaft out

What is the procedure for changing a pinion seal on 2000 Durango?

i guess ill have to answer my own question .first disconect drive shaft from rearend and wire it up out of the way.( heres where i punt) then remove pinion nut ,flang and retainer. then pry out old seal and install new seal. now to get out there in the rain and snow and do it. man i hate vermont.

Why would a Ford explorer jerk while driving?

Your Pinion seal on the drive shaft and rear differential need to be fixed.

How do you fix 2003 expedition rear differential pinion seal leak?

remove rear drive shaft. remove pinion yolk from front of diff.remove oinion seal replace with new one. replace pinion yolk, replace driveshaft,.. dhceck ujoints of drive shaft while out, its a good time to replace them

How to fix a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Drive shaft leak?

The drive shaft does not leak. It is either the pinion seal or the trans. seal. Either one, the drive shaft has to be removed. The rear seal should be done at a garage, but you could do the front.

How install sterring pinion gear on john deere l130?

I cant seem to get the new pinion gear to go on the drive shaft of my John Deere LA105. Is there a trick to it?

How do you change rear pinion bearing on a 2004 dodge 1500 ram 4x4?

1. remove rear drive shaft.2.remove diff.cover.3.remove both axles.4.remove carrier case assy.5.remove drive shaft yoke.6.tap pinion gear out of housing with (brass hammer).7 remove pinion seal and front pinion bearing.8.rear pinion bearing well need pressed off & on the pinion need to use a punch drive the bearing race from housing both.

Where is the output shaft speed sensor on a 2003 ford explorer xlt with a 4.6L v8?

on the output shaft of the transmission, close to where the drive shaft enters

Where is a 2005 Chrysler 300 Rear Pinion Seal?

At the yoke at the rear end (where drive shaft enters rear end)

How do you replace the pinion bearing and seal on a 02 mountianieer?

to replace pinion bearing and seal you need to remove drive then remove the pinion nut from pinion shaft. u usually need a pretty good rattle gun to remove this .then remove yoke from front of differential.u may need a puller but usuall tapping with hammer will loosen it. remove the bearing and replace with new one then install seal and replace cover and ypke. replace pinion nut, fill with oil.replace drive shaft

How do you change the seal on the rear-end that the drive shaft goes into on a 92 Tacoma 4x4?

Remove the drive shaft. Mark the relationship of the pinion nut to the pinion gear. This is necessary to maintain pinion bearing preload. Remove the nut. Remove the flange. Pry out and replace the seal. Reinstall in reverse order being sure realign the marks that were previously made. Check gear oil level and add as necessary.

What is the seal called where the front drive shaft goes into the front axle?

I believe it's called a trans-axle output shaft seal. Could also be the front differential pinion seal.

How do you connect the rack and pinion to the steering column in an 04 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The steering column is connect with a shaft that runs from rack and pinion to steering column. A short shaft sticks out of rack and pinion and is attached to shaft with 1 bolt that goes thru the coupler. Usally hid under a boot that goes around the shaft.

What is the funcion of a ring gear?

It is to transfer the power between the driveshaft and the wheels. The drive shaft drives the pinion, the pinion drives the ring gear, the ring gear drives the axle(s) and the axle(s) drives the wheels.

How do replace the drive shaft on a 1974 4hp Johnson outboard motor after replaceing the water impeller?

If you mean that you pulled the drive shaft out of the lower unit, then you must disassemble the lower unit in order to place the drive shaft back into the pinion gear. Then reassemble everything without pulling the drive shaft out again. (OOPS) I recommend a manual published by SELOC, or the OMC service manual, last I knew you obtain this from a company called Ken Cook.

What will cause a car to shake in the rear on acceleration?

If it is a rear wheel drive car you could have a bad U joint, bent drive shaft or a broken tooth or two on the ring and pinion gear. If it is a front wheel drive vehicle you may have a bent rear axle or bad bearing. If it is four wheel drive or all wheel drive you may have a bent drive shaft.

Why Necessity of teeth provided on pinion and spur wheel?

Without the teeth meshing together, there would be no transfer of power/force from one pinion/spur wheel to its neighbour. Without the teeth on the main drive shaft gear wheel, you would not be able to turn the rest of the pinion and spur wheels.

Why does the rear ujoint keep blowing out from the driveshaft to the axle?

A worn pinion flange or the drive shaft where the u-joint goes in these holes may be wallered out some

How do you change a rear pinion bearing on a 1999 Dodge 1500 RAM 4X4?

remove rear drive shaft from vehicle.remove large nut ( pinion nut) at front of diff, which is generally hidden when driveshaft is in place.with a bearing puller remove pinion bearing, replace with new one. install new pinion seal. reinstall pinion cover and pinion nut. tighten to specified torgue.reinstall driveshaft check diff oil for proper amount

What is the gear ratio in a 1971 blazer 4x4?

It depends on a few things. If it came with a v6 or the standard v8 (307) it would have a 3.73 rearend. If it came with the 350 option it would have a 3.07 rearend. Although the 4.11 was an option on the 2 wheel drive, it was not offered in the 4wd. The 3.73 was an option to be ordered though and was a common upgrade for those with a 350 especially if it is AC equipped. Additional thoughts to keep in mind. this vehicle is 42 years old and quite possible that someone has changed out the gears in the rearend. Here is how you know for sure: Park your Blazer on a level surface. Chock the front wheels securely. Lift the rearend of the vehicle with a jack. Put the vehicle in neutral. Mark a spot on your rear tire. Mark a spot on your drive shaft. Get under the behicle and turn the drive shaft. Stop in one turn intervals to see how far your tire has turned. The number of revolutions your drive shaft needs to make to produce one full tire revolution is your gear ratio. Example a little over 3 turns of the drive shaft to make a complete tire revolution means you have a 3.07 ratio. if it is about 3 3/4 then it is the 3.73 rearend. Good luck!