What size bra should you have when your 15?

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2010-01-01 22:58:23

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That deppends on what size you are. If you measure right under your bubes you can tell part of your size. The other part will be either aaa, aa, a, b, c, or d. Thos are the most common sizes but, they do go bigger.

there is no aaa. the smallest is 28aa.

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2010-01-01 22:58:23
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Q: What size bra should you have when your 15?
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What is the average bra size for a fifteen year old?

what is the bra size of your mother at the age of 15,that is the size

What size bra should a 15 year old wear?

There is no particular size for 15 year old girl's to wear. Every girl is different in size and therefore you should get measured. If you go into shops like Debenhams or La Senza, they will measure your size for free and make sure you are wearing the correct size of bra. i think any size will do if it works for ex) i know a 12 year old size c and another 20 size b

Is a size d18 a big bra size for a 15-year-old?


What size bra should a 17 year old?

Bra size is not based on age, but on measurement of the body.

What should my bra size be?

Get yourself fitted.

Average bra size for a 15 year old?


Im 11 and i don't know what bra size i should wear?

If you don't know what bra size you are you should ask your mum if you can go and get your breast measured and fitted to an appropriate bra.

What should I Do if Im bra shopping and i dont know my girlfriend's bra size?

You can call your girlfriend and ask for her bra size. If you aren't comfortable asking her, then buy her something that is not a bra.

Should you wear bigger bras?

If your bra makes it hard to breath in, you should wear a larger band size bra. If your boobs don't fit in the cups of your bra, you should wear a larger cup size.

How should you know your bra size?

You could measure it. if there are tags on the bra that tell you, then look for it.

What bra size should a female wear having less breast?

padded bra

What should a 12 yr old girls bra size be?

you can get a bra measure from primark

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